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Youth Coaching - A guide to happy young adults
Youth Coaching - A guide to happy young adults

Youth Coaching - A Guide To Happy Young Adults

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Do you know that teens and young adults need 3 critical skills to succeed in life? They need the right organisational skills, the right mind set skills and a future-focus skills. And most of the time one or more or all are missing. A weak foundation, you know results in a weak structure - which is why we see a large number of confused, overwhelmed adults.

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Is your teen prepared to succeed in high school, college and beyond?

Or do you sometimes worry that poor organization & time management, ineffective study methods, or a negative mindset about school  could be getting in their way? 

If your teen is completing work at the last minute, missing assignments or forgetting about tests, spending inordinate amounts of time “studying” (or no time at all), or if they are constantly stressed out by all the pressure they feel at school, it can be hard on the entire family.

It’s frustrating to feel like your teen’s lack of organization, motivation or confidence in school could be keeping them from earning the grades they deserve…especially when you’ve invested so much in their education and done your best to help them succeed.

The truth is…even if your teen is attending the best schools in the country, they probably aren’t learning all the skills they need to succeed. 
The trouble is that when it comes to organization, time management, study skills, and motivation, a one-size-fits-all solution rarely works.  There are general guidelines and best practices which can help, but for lasting results it’s important to develop personalized solutions that fit the way YOUR teen thinks.  And simply telling students what to do is not enough. Especially for teenagers, having someone come in and tell them what to do is usually NOT going to create a long-term change in their behavior.  (Especially if that someone is their parent!)

But what if there WERE a way to provide your teen with the support & guidance they need to develop these critical success skills? 

What kind of difference could that make in your teen’s life?  In YOUR life?


·       Coming home to find your teen working on a project that’s due next week, and knowing that you can trust them to complete & hand in their work on time without having to remind them about it…

·       Seeing your teen shrug off setbacks and obstacles that used to stop them in their tracks, and approach new challenges with confidence in their ability to succeed…

·       Listening to your teen excitedly share their vision for the future with friends & family, and see them proactively take action to explore potential careers that are a great fit for their personality, talents, values, and goals…

My coaching & mentoring programs were specifically developed to help students develop the skills, thought patterns, and behaviors they need to succeed in high school and college.  If you suspect that your teen may be missing some of these critical skills, I would be happy to talk with you about their situation and suggest some ideas and resources to help improve their academic performance, reduce their stress level, and increase their confidence.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Aishwarya K

Sheila aunty is a wonderful coach. She was like a guiding angel during the preparations for my board exams. The methods taught by her were of great help and was instrumental in driving away my fears. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the guidance and attribute my success to you.

Aria Krishnamurthy

When we are just about getting into the teenage phase, and getting out we always need that guidance and path to how to process your life or the different situations around you. Let me tell you a story about a girl just like that- She was busy with her own messed up thoughts, school nagging, own pressures to do well and Boy issues, like we call it. She even had times where she felt like she wanted to hurt herself, because of the tough and scary moments she had. And that’s when she met Sheila

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