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Winning over conflicts
Winning over conflicts

Winning Over Conflicts

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Short Description

Eight session program for entrepreneurs seeking to sit back and reinvent, rediscover their priorities amidst headwinds.

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Detailed Description

Entrepreneurs caught up in work-life, growth, organization, scale, profitability, people or work style conflicts and too caught up in a pattern with plateaued results. It is at this stage that requires entrepreneurs to detach for a while, gain new perspectives, and cognitively search for the right answers. The program shall cover redefining problems into challenges and building focus on resolution strategies by prioritizing essential actionable items over defined period of time. It would be desirable for participants to come prepared with at least one or two key goals to enable evaluation. Participant should expect to take actionable insights and a clear actionable plan with seven weeks of implementation window and sessions to review progress. It is therefore imminent to have a coach who can be a support and help you become more resourceful in your pursuits. The more open and experimentative you get, the better it is.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Sanjeev Shivraman, Managing Director

Having retained Dr. Alok Purohit as a coach was one of the best decisions I made in the recent past. He has a brilliant knack of challenging and stretching my imagination. I have been able to expand my horizons and see clarity in my approach to my business

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