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Want to become a coach
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Want to become a coach

Want To Become A Coach

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Short Description

This is one and half hour coaching cum consulting program for the people who intend to become a coach and want to know what it takes to be a successful coach.

Detailed Description

I would love to connect with you online over skype and help you make a best possible choice for your career. There are lots of life coaching training programs out there. If you are interested in knowing which one I should choose to get the best value. Here are few things you can expect out of our coaching cum consulting conversations.

  • You will gain clarity on choosing life coaching career
  • You will know the challenges and opportunities of choosing a life coaching career 
  • You will build confidence, immediately putting your knowledge and learnings into action

Coaching call content

World of Coaching and your place in it Learning the origin of coaching and how it has emerged as the second fastest growing profession in the world. What are the opportunities for you to carve out your place from this?

Coaching Process & Coaching Presence Knowing the elements of a coaching process and how can you use them in the most effective manner. Building coaching presence to serve client with highest ethical code of conduct.  

Possible areas of Life Coaching Exploring possibilities of life coaching arena including Executive, Leadership, Relationship, Health, Wealth, Career, Business etc. Figuring out which one is best for you.

About Neeraj Tyagi

I am an Executive Coach with Greenlatte and COO After working with corporates for 14 years, I moved on to purse my passion of working with people creating best possible life. I am a self-published author of four books, “She Said” and “An Italian Dream” being the two of them. As an Executive Coach, I work with Organizations and Individuals for their professional and personal goals.

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