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Thought Management- Learn the Art of Thinking Right!
Thought Management- Learn the Art of Thinking Right!

Thought Management- Learn The Art Of Thinking Right!

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“Thought Management ” is designed by Datta Rokade, Personal Empowerment Coach with an intention to help individuals create a change by changing the ways they think, develop self-mastery and discover what is really important for you and make your dreams come true with constant success at every step of your life.

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When we talk of achieving success in our personal or professional lives we have been taught that unless you change your behavior and performance it would be difficult. Let’s understand that outstanding performance is all about focus, our attitude our mindset, our beliefs and most importantly how we think.

We pay attention to every other thing but our thoughts, which plays a vital role in shaping our future.

Learn the art of being in here and NOW with your awareness.

 It’s the right time NOW, Think about it -

- How do your thoughts rule your life and every aspect of it?

- Are these thoughts contributing to your success?

- Are these thoughts creating obstacles?

- Are they preventing you in experiencing your full potential?

In this program as you move ahead with the coaching sessions, you will experience how it is helping you in shaping your thoughts as you have a trusted guide in this journey. This will help you accomplish what you want and become what is significant and of value to you.

This program is a unique experience, and this is not a therapy. During our coaching sessions we listen, we ask questions and we help you:

• Keep you clear and focused on your goals and direction

• Strategize your actions - so that you always know exactly what you need week in and week out to achieve your goals

• Tuning of thoughts; shifting the focus from waste to best. So that there are less distractions and so that achieving your goals becomes effortless

• Creating powerful thoughts and practices aligning with your life or specific goals we discuss

• Learn the art of economy of thoughts

Every coaching session is unique. As you are Unique and so are your experiences, everything about you is constantly changing. So the program is designed according to your needs that best fits you to produce the desired results.


Thought Management is a continuous process, it’s a journey hence it would not be a quick fix. These sessions would be over twelve week’s time. The rhythm of our coaching sessions can be decided during our first call. The duration of the session would be for 45-60 minutes over Skype or as mutually decided. As the end of each session, you choose what you intend to practice, what you have learned from the session, and we acknowledge the progress, discuss the challenges and craft adjustments of the same in the following session.


This program is for individuals who are lost amidst the chaos of uncertainty of achieving their goals or those who have too many choices/options in their lives and cannot decide which way to go and also for those who feel the need to design a simple, sustainable, flexible and elegant lifestyle. I help them think of possibilities that they have never considered before and let go of a lot of baggage they never thought they'd get rid of and guide them through their journey to unleash their full potential and be able to achieve their goals with confidence. 

We are constantly thinking, at times we are aware of what we are thinking and most of the times we don’t know what to think. Let’s learn the art of thinking and take complete control of our life. On special occasions we think of giving precious gifts, however, I believe that Thought Management is the program- which is the best gift we can give to ourselves and everyone in the world.


Datta Rokade is a Personal Empowerment Coach and Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach. As a coach he can assist you to create a roadmap to achieve success in any aspect of your life, relationships, family and career, even your role at work, your company or department. His approach is inside out in which he first starts with change in your thoughts pattern. He has been doing various experiments on managing thoughts, subconscious mind and creative visualizations.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Prashant Agarwal

He made me thoughtful about myself. Introspection of thoughts and alignment with goals was the good idea. After talking to Coach- Datta, I was able to filter out the clustered thoughts and pick the most important of them. Thus in a subtle way it was relaxing also.

Mehul Shah

He understands the person, his mindset and situation before suggesting anything. He is fantastic. I had a many problems and in all Datta helped me to come out of it. He was listening each and everything and suggested the ways to come out of it. He is simple amazing fantastic divine person.

Siddharth Waikar

I was not able to answer to coach's questions properly yet he was enough patient, polite and was able to understand my problems in a better way. The first steps he told me to follow were too brilliant and made me think on them almost the whole day. I was charged up and found doors towards positivity at instant. I highly recommend to people to Mr. Datta Rokade who can guide them in a very positive way and suggest exact solutions to their problems. Experience was mind blowing! He made me realize t

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