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Stress Free Excellence in Exams
Stress Free Excellence in Exams

Stress Free Excellence In Exams

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A 5-week online program to get the grades that you want

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For many students, exams are the most stressful part of their school year.

There's a lot of pressure to do well, because  exams make up such a large part of their course grade...often as much as ALL their homework assignments, combined!

Exams are also the most challenging tests to study for, because they cover such a wide range of material. AND they're all happening during the same week! 

It's easy to see how this could feel overwhelmingThe trouble is...When students feel overwhelmed by exams, they tend to avoid thinking about them, because it feels too stressful. As a result, they end up procrastinatingputting off their studying until the last minute, and going into the test under-prepared. The good news is...if students prepare ahead of time, they CAN get through final exams with much less stress...AND earn better grades!

Many of the skills that students need in order to be successful on exams, including...

·       Studying effectively

·       Staying motivated

·       Planning ahead

·       Being organized

·       Staying focused

·       Avoiding distractions

...can be developed and improved through planning & practice long before final exams arrive. And by learning these strategies now, students can reduce their stress about exams, earn better grades, and have a more relaxed and enjoyable end to their semester. In fact, I've created a special program specifically to help students achieve their goals on final exams!

Introducing Stress Free Excellence in Exams

A 5-week online program to get the grades that you want! 

I am an internationally certified Success Coach, trained in teen behaviour. 

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