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Say yes to your dreams
Say yes to your dreams

Say Yes To Your Dreams

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Say “Yes” to your dreams and your dreams will say “yes” to you - Neeraj Tyagi. Everyone has goals and dreams they want to achieve. Some seem easy to attain, while others are elusive. If there is an area of your life where you desire a breakthrough, then invest in yourself with confidence and build courage to say yes to yourself, yes to your dreams.

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twelveweek week coaching program " Say yes to your dreams" is developed by Executive Coach Neeraj Tyagi with an intention of working with people at the forefront and help them achieve their dreams in the best possible way.


Total 60 Hours

12 Hours online coaching spread over a period of  twelve weeks. This coaching course shall be conducted via skype over a period of twelve weeks. Skype session would be for 60 minutes, once a week or as mutually agreed. Each coaching session will result into an assignment for the coachee to complete that would be roughly an investment of further 48 Hours over a period of twelve weeks.    


Say yes to your dreams is a twelveweek coaching program that starts with taking charge of current life & ends with taking an action for goals/dreams you intend achieving. This coaching course will equip you with the required tools and techniques to sail through the journey of covering dreams into reality.  

1. Know what you want

2.  Write your story

3. Accept and Love yourself

4. Know your beliefs and values

5. Create a vision for your life

6. Believe in yourself & your dreams

7. Build habits the right way

8. Make your dreams comes true

9. Remember to Celebrate

10. Tips & Tools to achieve your dreams

 11. Take the first step

 12. Never stop dreaming 


This program will help you learn

1) Games mind plays on our own success

2) Removing barriers of past

3) Creating a compelling future & working towards it

4) Power of visualization, and making it a habit

5) To step up to a higher self


Self motivated Corporate Professional/ CEO/Entrepreneur  with an awareness that the current life is not the one she/he aspires to live in a longer run and readiness to take first step towards creating a dream life. 


Neeraj Tyagi is a certified Executive Coach & Cofounder Greeenlatte. Prior to setting up Greenlatte, Neeraj had a successful corporate career of fourteen years where she had an opportunity to work with some of the best leaders of Industry. She worked with organisation like GE, SCB & Royal Bank of Scotland.  

Neeraj is passionate about working with people across the globe. Her first book " She Said" is now on stands. She believes in the power of dreams.  

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