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Public Speaking & Presentations
Public Speaking & Presentations

Public Speaking & Presentations

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Short Description

This signature Coaching program includes NLP & EQ techniques to help coachees to make Effective Presentations,Communicate in Public & sharpen presentation presence

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Detailed Description

70 % of Public presence has to do with internal factors like self belief,self talk & internal motivation.Coaching to be better speakers is through a process of an inner journey to look at these factors to come out stronger communicators with the requisite attitude

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Anudeep Agarwal

"One thing that we found very refreshing with Sanjeev was deviation from standard method of taking classes. His approach to taking classes was keeping the environment casual, friendly and engaging, instead of a one way session. I think he was able to identify the personal shortcomings of each one of us and modify the sessions on the run instead of sticking to fixed pattern. Structure of class was excellent where he first tried to prepare us emotionally and mentally for presentation by dealing wi

Vijaya Deshmukh

"His techniques/interactive sessions are very effective and to the point. And most important is these sessions are customized as per students requirement. He listens carefully, allow you to think in different aspects and you yourself gets answers. His technique gives very practical approach towards professional goal. Attending his sessions is one of the best thing happened in my career. Learning from his sessions is definitely helping me in my career. "

Radhika Kapoor

"I did a class on presentation skills and I could feel the change in me in a span of 2 months. His techniques are effective and on point. All in all I had a very fulfilling experience. "

Dr. Mangesh Narwadker

"Its my great pleasure and honor to write about Mr. Sadana my guru, philosopher, friend and something beyond words. I am a gynecologist working in Nanded as a private practitioner since last 20 years. Although being topper in the school and college, I hardly able to express myself in any format of English because I was not trained in that way and this is present scenario with many of us. I was looking for professional help. So I have joined two spoken English classes in my city. But my experienc

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