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Performance management to improve productivity
Performance management to improve productivity

Performance Management To Improve Productivity

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Short Description

Performance management to improve productivity is a twelve week program that helps an organization improve the productivity of its people through a performance management system. The intervention focuses on building a strategy, defining policies and processes and implementing the same within the organization.

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Detailed Description

Performance management intervention helps an organization improve its people productivity. It does this by first identifying the gaps that exist within the organization. 

Phase 1 focuses on Identifying productivity gaps in an organization. This is done at both a strategic level and a tactical level in the organization. It goes into defining the potential alternatives and cost benefit analysis of each of the options. 

Phase 2 focuses on defining the policies and process for a productivity management system in the organization. 

Phase 3 concludes the initiative by measuring change through the initial pilot, defining a process to scale the initiative and take it organization wide

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