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Organization training competency development
Organization training competency development

Organization Training Competency Development

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Short Description

Train the trainer is a twelve week intervention designed to help process experts within an organization be able to train organization on specific skills. It focuses on both content creation and delivery of an effective training

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Detailed Description

Train the trainer is a twelve week engagement designed to help process experts within an organization be able to coach their teams on skills needed for the organization. 
The workshop focuses on helping participants identify the need, create the content and deliver to ensure stickiness and maximum ROI for the organization. 

Key outcomes of the program

After attending  “Train The Trainer” program, the participants will be able to

1.      Understand how to leverage personal strengths to deliver best possible training's
2.      Identify training needs for greater customer impact & improved business growth
3.      Design dynamic training modules that are engaging, fun and spark creativity
4.      Deliver training using advance tools to drive effectiveness & engagement
5.      Drive stickiness of the learning from training room to the shop floor

Key modules of the program

Understanding self as a trainer
1)      Knowing Individual self, style and leadership qualities within
2)      Basics of being a learning ambassador and what to watch out for as a trainer

Identifying the right training programs using design thinking
1)      Moving beyond personal bias while identifying training needs
2)      Design thinking methodology to create the right training module
3)      Coaching methodology as an advanced tool of learning

Designing an impact generating session
1)      Guided mastery method of learning
2)      Choosing the right delivery mechanism for the desired outcome
3)      What is gamification and how to use it for designing a training?
4)      How do we drive increased engagement using games, case studies and videos?
5)      Creating session flow of the training including breaks, case studies, simulations

Delivering an impact generating session
1)      Connecting with participants authentically
2)      Dynamic ways of running training successfully
3)      Making the environment safe
4)      Leading the uncertainty, if something goes wrong
5)      Leading large audience confidently

Ensuring stickiness of the learning
1)     How do people learn & unlearn?
2)     Creating stickiness through the science of habits
3)     Practice sessions using a case study from the organization

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