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Organization Skills Competence Framework Development
Organization Skills Competence Framework Development

Organization Skills Competence Framework Development

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Short Description

Defining competence frame work for an organization is a twelve week intervention that aims to help an organization identify the competencies it needs to focus on and build a road map to work towards its execution.

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Detailed Description

Competence framework helps organizations grow talent from within through a structured and systemic approach. Organizations that lead through talent out perform others by almost 2.2X in revenue and 1.5X in profitability. Further they reduce their people cost by up to 25% through a higher continuity factor.

Through Defining Competence Framework intervention, an organization can define the competencies it wants to build its people on.

The intervention follows a three step process with toll gate at each stage. The first is strategic intent analysis. This focuses on the organizations aspirations, client insights and market win/loss analysis. The second phase focuses on defining the competencies, its underlying behavior elements and progression of the competencies. It also integrates the competencies with different internal processes of the organization including hiring and performance review among others. 

The last stage aims to baseline the current level of the organization and define an intervention to help the organisation move forward. 

Growing people is important for the long-term sustainability of any organization. Employees who grow for within are more deeply connected with the organizations purpose and bring a more sustainable change to the company. Leading companies globally focus on growing talent from within. 

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