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Organization Culture Audit
Organization Culture Audit

Organization Culture Audit

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Organization culture audit is a twelve-week intervention that helps the leadership build the right culture in the organization. It does this by auditing the existing culture, bench marking it against desired attributes and then defining a plan to move towards the desired outcome. The intervention takes twelve weeks to complete

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Detailed Description

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner – Peter Drucker

An organizations culture is its core competence. It offers the crucible in which a company innovates and delivers to its customers. Companies on the Dow sustainability index have focused and architected their culture to remain relevant at all times.

Several times, however, the leadership maybe unaware of the actual culture of the organization. They get a limited, filtered version of the company. The result is a loss of market, low innovation and poor engagement.  It also results in misguided investments as the organization interventions may not address the actual issue in the company.

Organization culture audit is a twelve week intervention that aims to help leadership understand the pulse of its culture as perceived by the eco-system. The audit aims to audit the perception of the brand against the desired attributes. This is done using both exploratory and directive methodologies. 

Once the data is defined, the audit aims to collate the same and present it back to leadership for their consumption. The intervention then builds steps that the organization may take to overcome the gaps in a systemic and time bound way.

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