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New product development with an innovation coach
New product development with an innovation coach

New Product Development With An Innovation Coach

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Short Description

New product development with an innovation coach helps an organization create a new product for the market. It does so using the principles of design thinking and coaching.

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Detailed Description

The intervention is designed for organizations that want to to disrupt their existing business and create new path breaking products that will help the organization lead itself to the future.  

The new product development intervention uses design thinking supported by a coaching based methodology to help unlock team’s creativity and explore boundaries of the current business to create something new. The intervention follows a three step phase.   

Phase 1: An initial kick off with the core team to get started on the basics of design thinking and innovation.

Phase 2: Involves following the five steps of design thinking including Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and test. This includes stake holders both internal and external to the company. The end outcome will be a series of approved pilots that the company may look to start.  

Phase 3: Audit the pilots results and define a product to take to the market

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