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Meeting Effectiveness
Meeting Effectiveness

Meeting Effectiveness

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Short Description

Meeting effectiveness is a one day in person program aimed to help junior and mid level emloyees lead meetings for results and action.

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Detailed Description

Meeting drive innovation. Yet today they are looked at as a waste of time. What is the gap and how can it be plugged?

This one day workshop aims to make meetings more action and result oriented by equipping junior and mid level employees be aware of how to drive specific outcomes during meetings 

Key modules include:

Ownership driven meetings: Raising the bar higher in a meeting, stepping up in a meeting
Formats and challenges: Face to face, T Con, Water cooler conversations
Meeting etiquette: Roles and responsibilities of stake holders, agenda, pre work, minutes, getting control back, driving engagement and focus
Driving action: How to drive action in a meting, prevent a hijack and lead 
Role plays for living the situation: Daily status calls (T Con), project meeting with team (T Con and face to Face), one on one discussion with manager (face to face)
So what changes: Specific action that will be implemented personally


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