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Manager of others
Manager of others

Manager Of Others

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Short Description

Manager of others is a one day program designed to help newly promoted managers be more aware of building teams. It equips them with skills to be an empathetic yet effective leader.

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Detailed Description

Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. This is specially compounded in newly promoted managers. It is a new area and they find themselves ill equipped to lead. With added business responsibilities, more scope, building people gets ignored. The result is a learning curve after loss of business (people attrition, poor team work).

Key modules covered in the program are

Power of a TeamPower and complexity of togetherness, Tuckman stages of team development
Who can I lead: Leading self and inspiring team
Removing personal bias: Awareness of bias and impact on team, Personal biases exercise
Conducting Conversations: Prioritizing, Connect to higher purpose, identifying common areas, resolving conflicts, Agreeing to disagree
So what changes: Personal exercise on what changes


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