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Make Happiness a Habit
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Make Happiness a Habit

Make Happiness A Habit

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I will help you create a positive, happy, and joyful life. Let’s make happiness a natural and daily habit for you.

Detailed Description

We often find ourselves torn between work, family, health and finances responsibilities. While juggling between these important aspects of life – is there a way to make happiness an everyday habit and stay on top of all that vies for our attention? YES, it is.

In this 1 hour Happiness program, I will help you embrace happiness in a scientific way. With the help of daily practice exercises and new habits, you will be able to shift your inner experiences and imbibe a happy outlook using proven tools and techniques.  The program will enable you to stay motivated, productive, and prepared to succeed irrespective of the ups and downs life bestows up on you.

About my coaching - I am a Personal Leadership coach with a goal to help individuals create a happy and harmonious life, at work and in life beyond work. Having been the go-to person among friends and family for various concerns, I have a keen interest in helping people understand the nuances of life to create and nurture a lasting connection with self and others. Besides being a Coach, I am also a Creative writer, scripting food, travel and lifestyle shows, closely analysing people’s psyche and thought patterns.

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