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Leading teams workshop for mid and mid-senior management
Leading teams workshop for mid and mid-senior management

Leading Teams Workshop For Mid And Mid-senior Management

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Short Description

Leading teams is a seven day (two day in person, five days eMail) workshop designed for mid and senior management to lead a team of people effectively. It focuses on leading self, driving ownership, giving feedback and the art of questioning effectively

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Detailed Description

Leading self workshop is a part of leadership series of workshop by Vivek Slaria. The workshop is designed for people who lead a team of ten to twelve people. 

The first part of the workshop is conducted two days in person at your location. There are clear actionable that a participant commits to in the short (seven days) and long (ninety days) term.  The key modules of the workshop include: 
1. What works as a leader of people and what does not work 
2. Good person, bad manager, what makes a good person a bad manager 
3. Power equations at work
4. Driving ownership through questioning 
5. Giving critical feedback. What why and how of it

The workshop is run in an extremely interactive and fun way. It uses coaching methodology to drive understanding of a topic and applying it to work. There are several role plays, practice sessions and peer learning to drive the skills deep into a person. There are several high energy videos in the workshop. 

The entire workshop is guided by a work book to ensure take ways are well written. 

Key take away's from the workshop are: 
1. Lead self to lead an organization
2. What makes a good manager a bad manager  
3. How to drive ownership to the team using questions 
4. How to hold difficult conversations without breaking the relationship
5. One short term (next seven days) and one long term (ninety days) action to be implemented at work

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Neeraj Tyagi
Great workshop for leaders leading teams

Great program for working with Millennials & Senior Management and leading the organization through great team work. Leading teams workshop is apt for today's business dynamic environment & how can leaders achieve goals by leading their teams.

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