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Leading people and teams
Leading people and teams

Leading People And Teams

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Short Description

Leading people and teams is a twelve-week intervention that helps leaders build a culture of performance, ownership, and empowerment. The intervention does this by identifying structural issues in an organization. It also identifies and tactical and behavior gaps. It then works to close the gaps using a combination of structural and skill changes

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Detailed Description

Teams are at the heart of great organizations. Great organizations are built on the foundation of teams coming together to create industry leading products.

Leading people and teams however is as much an art as it is a skill. Several times leaders fail to create high performance teams. This may be through lack of knowledge or re applying skills that may not be as impact full in the new role.

Leading people and teams teams is a twelve-week intervention that goes deep within an organization to help it identify structural issues in building teams. It then works tactically to build the skills of team leadership in a set of people in a way that they can apply the skill directly to business.

The intervention uses a combination of cutting edge behavior sciences work including principles of priming, habits and willpower.

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars



With relatable example, Engaging


Timely game sessions


It was a ery interactive session with high levels of energy


Patience and enthusiams of Vivek and Neeraj. Vivek shared great example of concepts that helpe to get prospective.


THe intervention has helped build more awareness into building high performance teams

Amit Mehra

Learning through games, We play and active dicussion,

Abdul Bari

Activities, Interactive in nature

Vishal Shah

I loved the uses case studies/games to deliver key message. It allowed us to maintain energy levels in the room to a high level.

Shweta Goyal

It was a very interactive session, helped bring out a lot of business issues

Harshil Mehta

Liked the tools introduced and the role plays in the workshop intervention.

Girish Rohira

THe workshop maintained a very friendly atmosphere. It allowed people to come out with their natural challenges and find solution to them without the fear of being judged

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