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Intangible hard work to tangible success!
Intangible hard work to tangible success!

Intangible Hard Work To Tangible Success!

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Don’t simply work hard, make that hard work count!

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Do you give everything at your workplace year after year?

Are you experiencing tangible success in the form of a promotion/ a raise?

Do you feel you deserve a promotion but simply lack the courage to ask for it?

Intangible hard work to tangible success is a program designed specifically for professionals who wish to make their hard work count. The program will help you BUILD the courage to ask for promotion & get it!

Program guidelines:

  • This is a rolling 5 week B – U – I – L –D program offered on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm IST via Skype.
  • Participants are limited to 3 per session
  • Each Participant will be given a workbook and that will be the base for our working!
  • More details will be shared with Program Participants

Don’t let another year simply go by. Register today and make this year count!

Read the article on “Build courage to ask for promotion & get it” published in Professionals – magazine by Greenlatte

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