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Increase Engagement By Increasing Work Energy
Increase Engagement By Increasing Work Energy

Increase Engagement By Increasing Work Energy

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Short Description

Corporate Athlete is a twelve week intervention designed to create an environment of high energy in the work place. it works a a strategic, tactical and behavior element to help an organization put structural elements of creating a high energy work place.

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Detailed Description

Problem Statement                                                               

The ability to summon positive energy during periods of intense stress lies at the heart of effective leadership” Jim Loehr.

Energy and energizing are the key characteristics of a good leader. 

Personal energy levels are directly related to engagement and innovation. How are we building this critical skill in the organization? Are employees entering critical meetings in a high physical and positive emotional state or we don’t know? Can we help be in a high physical and positive emotional state by design?

Proposed Solution

Corporate athlete is a twelve week intervention focused on maintaining high physical and positive emotional energy throughout the day. This helps create a highly energetic and emotionally positive environment when needed. The intervention further helps participants systemically increase the source for energy and create a momentum of energy for self. The program leverages from the energy project.

The intervention operates in three phases. Measure, intervene and sustain. The end out come is to define and implement the right strategies to build a high energy culture

The first phase or measure focuses on measuring the current state of energy level in the employees. It does this through a questionnaire and observations at different times of the day. It then presents a report to the leadership on the current state of energy in a facility and potential business impact

The second phase focuses on closing the gaps identified systemically. It does this through strategy and policy changes, skill development and primers. 

The last phase works with organizations to help them sustain a positive energy level after the intervention has ended

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