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Health Engineering
Health Engineering

Health Engineering

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Session aims to enable attendees raise their control over their health & its determinants thereby improve their energy & vitality whether they have a diagnosed condition or otherwise too

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Stress, toxic lifestyles, obesity and symptomless diseases are limiting people productivity to a fifth of their true potential.  With rising rates of chronic diseases & adverse health events health savings are spent on preventable diseases than health per se.

Simple self-assessment instruments & solution frameworks equip attendees to gamify health & wellness which is what people enjoy doing. In the coaching process under evidence based methodology, participants find their inner resourcefulness to control health and bring happiness into their lives. 

Attendees experience a variety of coaching and teachable moments during the 90 mins session. The session does not need any specific qualification or preparation but for attending the session with open mind and heart. A paper and pen will help them play with the tools constructively. 

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