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Get Set Go

Get Set Go

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Short Description

This is a 4 session ( each session of 1 hour) program on goal-setting to help clients be more productive and successful in life, especially in the coming year 2016. At the end of the program the client gets ready with an action plan to achieve his/ her goals in the year 2016 and enroute to success, achievement and growth.

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Detailed Description

The dawn of a new year brings in lot of excitement, cheer and hope. Each one of us look forward to achieving more in our lives (personal and professional). We set our sights on accomplishing many things and at times on so many of them. We begin working towards them also and make a good start but somewhere down the line things go awry and we tend to lose our grip on things. What could have been a good year, maybe our best year ends up being our worst. All the efforts and resources we put in ends up in half-attempted, incomplete things and tasks. The goals we set at the start with passion end up being a burden and with no intention on our part to accomplish them. The key reason for this chaos and confusion lies in the approach we adopted towards our goals where we didn't properly transition from "goal-setting" to "goal-getting".

This program is aimed at helping individuals understand the importance of goal-accomplishment and working towards achieving goals and not just contend with setting them. The program would enable the individuals to identify the right approach towards goal-accomplishments and apply it in their lives. The clients would be enabled to imbibe the goal-accomplishment approach at a subconscious level using the various techniques delivered during the program. 

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