Freedom from thoughts to attain an emotional equilibrium
Freedom from thoughts to attain an emotional equilibrium

Freedom from thoughts to attain an emotional equilibrium by Srividya Ivaturi

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Start Date : 09/07/2016

Short Description

This is a 12 Week Coaching program specially for Back to work Mom's to boost their self-confidence, help them break-free from their thoughts, help them set their priorities right. This 12 week Coaching program helps the Back to Work Mom's break their stress and achieve a fulfilling Work-Life.

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Detailed Description

Riya back to work mom. She left my promising career for 5 1/2 yrs to take care of her family, her kids. When she decided to start her journey back to the corporate career, she suddenly realized that she is no more the same college girl 8 years before, with Work as all my priority. Her priorities has changed. But that doesn't mean that her attitude towards work changed. She was still committed to perform her best. But she always battled between her priorities as what is right and what is not. Once she realized the trick, she started having a promising career and life.
How can you benefit?

  • Semi-structured Coaching model called Success Conversion Model
  • This model of coaching allows you to identify your priorities / obstacles
  • Plan achievable targets
  • Commit yourself to your goals set by yourself through very powerful Affirmations
What will you learn?
  • Dealing with Anxiety
  • Prioritizing things and allocating your priorities
  • Improving your productivity
  • Attaining Work-Life Balance through Self Management

Join me for this 12 week coaching session to help you re-discover your energy and achieve emotional equilibrium.

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