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Creative enterprise workshop
Creative enterprise workshop

Creative Enterprise Workshop

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Short Description

The creative enterprise workshop is a two day do it yourself workshop to spark individual, team and organization creativity.

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Detailed Description

Creativity is one of the most sought after traits in leaders today (Kelley, 2013). It drives innovation and is the only contributor to long term sustainability of an organization. Belief in one’s creative capacity lies at the heart of innovation, adds Kelley.

Creativity unfortunately is also a rare skill today. It is stifled by formal education and the four fears – fear of judgement, fear of the first step, fear of losing control and the fear of unknown.

In the absence of creativity, there is a lack of innovation, resulting in mediocre products and services. In today’s volatile business environment, such an organization will soon give in to the competition, lose relevance to its customers and eventually move out of business.

The two day do it yourself workshop aims to equip the participant with a deeper understanding of creativity and innovation. It uses your organization as a foundation to identify the issues and inherent opportunities and apply lessons to unleash creativity within an individual, team and the organization. The workshop is hands on to bring the lessons to life by doing.

 Program Objectives

Unleash Personal Creativity

1. Understand the process of creativity and innovation
2. Define what creativity means for an individual innovator
3. Know the difference between being ‘creative’ and ‘artistic’
4. Overcome the four fears that inhibit creativity
5. Meet the ‘innovator’ in self
6. Get hands on into design thinking as a process
7. Apply design thinking to solve real problems and seize new opportunities
8. Learn to be comfortable in failing fast and failing often, before succeeding

Unleash team and organizations creativity

1. Define the attributes of a creative organization
2. Be able to apply the attributes to own organization
3. Identify where innovation is getting held in the organization
4. Identify the fears inhibiting creativity in the organization
5. Tools to help teams overcome the fears holding innovation back
6. Understand the power of collaboration and team work
7. Enable an ecosystem that encourages creativity and breakthrough innovation

 Program Modules

Unleash Personal Creativity

1. Design thinking process to include empathy, problem, ideation, prototype, test
2. Divergent and convergent thinking approach
3. Rapid prototyping, why failing is not a bad thing
4. The four fears and how innovation is stifled because of them

Unleash team and organizations creativity

1. Smell of the place. What is it and why is it important
2. Sparking spontaneous creativity, the what, why and how of it
3. Organization design and the role it plays in sparking creativity
4. Physical layout of an organization and to use space to a natural advantage
5. Sparking playfulness for serious innovation

For Whom

1. CEOs, CXOs, Business Leaders looking to create a culture of creativity
2. HR Leaders looking to create an organization-wide impact by sparking creativity
3. Functional HR leaders looking to embed creativity and innovation in a team’s DNA
4. Senior Managers wanting to spark creativity in their teams
5. Functional managers looking to be the source of ideas and drive innovation

 Key Takeaways

1. Identify personal and organization barriers in creativity and innovation
2. Be equipped with tools to lead self, teams and organization in creativity
3. Introduce structured changes to drive spontaneous creativity in the organization
4. Develop a new perspective to look at a problem as an opportunity to create impact
5. Rediscover the creative side within and apply it in day-to-day situations effectively

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