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Building an innovation culture
Building an innovation culture

Building An Innovation Culture

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Short Description

Building an innovation culture is a nine month intervention that helps an organization drive innovation ground up. It does this by identifying the structural, tactical and emotive barriers in an organization. The intervention sets up an organization to lead innovation ground up.

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Detailed Description

Organizations thrive on innovation. This may be through the new products they introduce, the way they introduce the products or the business itself. The need for innovation is vital as markets get disrupted at an increasingly rapid pace.  

More than 90% of all organizations loose relevance due their inability to innovate as per the evolving need of the customer. While leadership may ask their people for innovating, the organization itself may be creating a barrier in bringing out the innovation ground up. 

Building an innovation culture is a nine month intervention that helps an organization build a culture of innovation within itself. It does this by identifying the structural, tactical and emotive barriers in an organization. The intervention then helps overcome them through a time bound intervention.

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars



The workshop was very Interactive. It made everyone participate. We generated a lot of ideas

Suman Kumar

Lots of new ideas session.

Shyamal Jina

Resorceful and refreshing intervention.


No PPT, lively, no theory or gyan of any kind

K. Venu Prasad

Learning the theory in different way, it can be applied to business in a practical and real time basis.

Manish Bohra

Happy to be here, focus on Business Development, generate new ideas to keep motivation high

Priyadasharni K

It was not a normal learning, It gave many ideas to grow business. I recemmond this to all the organizations who want to up the innovation in their organization

Sankara Narayana

The entire session was Interesting, specially the rope game. Gave a lot of new insights to us and practical ways to drive innovation in team

Mohan Babu

Excellent intervention

Hari P

Making people wear the thinking hat, Generating better ideas

Ravi Chaitnya

Was more about our business and interesting

Manikadam J


Madhviram P

The intervention related directly to daily work and helped apply business there. This way it was made personal and actionable

Anup Maithil

A very interesting workshop on innovation. Encouraged me to think different and generate new ideas

Amit Sharma

Ideas, priority, long term views, drawbacks how to overcome it

Bhavesh Trivedi

New idea - excerciese if viver cross

Nitin Gautam

Balance between theory & activities

Munir Panjwani

What I liked the most was Innovation, Thinking diffrently, Presentation

Vishal A

Inspire change within the organization to help others innovate.

Abhijit C

Prioritizing time, empowering people, making structural changes…. Great concepts and application to business


Activities and participation

Kishore R

Powerfull connect of business, personal relatedness.

Niranjan Mishra

Collecting ideas for 5X growth was achieved through the intervention. That in itself is a lot of success. We should and can aim for a 5X growth

Preeti Bisoi

The videos shared on prioritization, leadership connect, change in mindset were extremely powerful ways to drive innovation within the organization

Prakuti Ranjan

Leadership talk, People connect, eat your frog first, Drive 5X growth, think different… excellent concepts and relating them to business was the single biggest success at the workshop

Prasad Jagtap

FTP, 5E's of leadership

Md. Shameen Akhter

THe interventions was a lot of fun, while we understand we know everything but we hesitate or are reluctant to replicate. Also at time organization builds processes that limit innovation

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