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Build Courage to say
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Build Courage to say "NO" when you mean "NO"

Build Courage To Say "no" When You Mean "no"

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Short Description

I will help you build courage to say "NO" to things when you want to say "NO" .

Detailed Description

It is important to say NO to things that are not truly aligned to your professional or professional goals. However most of us find it difficult to say No or end up communicating it in the wrong way. In our one hour of online coaching session, I will work with you to understand the area of your life where you want to implement the change of “saying NO to things when you truly want to say NO.” There is no need for us to be fearful of feeling low in relationships or coming across as a person who is not a committed team player.

However, saying NO, requires courage. Together, we will explore the opportunities and strengthen the courage muscle for you. My recommended topics are below.

1)     Know who you are and what do you want

2)     Create alternatives

3)     Say NO with confidence

4)     Silence is also a communication

5)     Say NO with no justification

Working with several professionals, entrepreneurs and students at National and International level has helped me gain visibility to the areas where people find challenges in building up courage. Some of these includes

1)     Communicating better in relationship with boss, spouse and children.

2)     Discussing career advancement opportunities at workplaces

3)     Saying No to social engagement request

4)     Saying No to loved ones

5)     Saying No to range of requests that are not in line with your purpose and well being

About Neeraj Tyagi

I am an Executive Coach with Greenlatte and COO After working with corporate for 14 years, I moved on to purse my passion of working with people creating best possible life. I am a self-published author of four books, “She Said” and “An Italian Dream” being the two of them. As an Executive Coach, I work with Organizations and Individuals for their professional and personal goals. 

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