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Board Room Presence
Board Room Presence

Board Room Presence

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Short Description

Board Room Presence intervention is designed for leaders who influence high stakes decisions. These decisions may be with board members, CXO’s and industry influencers. The intervention does this over a six months period with a presence based coaching intervention. It is led by a senior coach who have served on boards of US billion dollar plus companies.

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Detailed Description

High stake decisions need a special presence. It needs the influencer to extend trust and competence in a short time. It needs the influencer to craft success through courage, confidence, charima and character.

Lack of the right presence may result in a significant loss of business for an organization.

Board Room Presence is an intervention designed to help leaders who influence high stake decisions for their organization. It helps leaders build courage, confidence, charisma and character in a way that they build a higher presence with other influencers. The intervention works to first build presence as a conscious effort. It then moves towards making it an unconscious effort. This is done by simulating real life situations in a safe environment and working through them.

The intervention is led by a senior coach who has served on board of billion dollar plus companies and influenced leaders in multi million dollar deals. They understand the success drivers for that level and help others succeed in high stakes influencing. 

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