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Be Your Best - Mastering Time (4 Life Transformation Sessions)
Be Your Best - Mastering Time (4 Life Transformation Sessions)

Be Your Best - Mastering Time (4 Life Transformation Sessions)

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Short Description

Be Your Best is a series of Life Transformation programs/ sessions exploring and delivering various facets of human personality and enabling clients to build up a more robust and holistic personality. This particular program would deliver tools and strategies to master time and get more out of each day resulting in better productivity and more success.

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Detailed Description


As someone has aptly written about Time - "Waste your money and you're only out of money, but waste your time and you have lost a part of your life".Time is the most precious commodity available to us but the most casually used. Our inability to manage time is the biggest stumbling block on our path to success and leaves us stressed and anxious. The testimony to this could be gauged from answering the following statements

“Do you wonder at the end of the day where did your time go ?”

“Do you feel frustrated and exhausted at the end of day ?”

“Do you find yourself rushing to meet deadlines and in the midst of crisis always ?”

"Do you easily get distracted by the information overload ?"

If you answer "Yes" to any/ all of the above questions then that's an indication that you are struggling to manage time to your advantage and it's time you reflect on how you manage your time and address the gaps.


The Program would delve into your Attitude and Behaviour towards time and help you to

  • Calculate how you structure your time
  • Analyse how you spend your day/ week
  • Reflect how your prioritise things
  • Identify the time wasters and distractors that consume your precious time
  • Reflect what determines your goal-setting
The program would deliver tools, techniques and strategies to enable you to
  • Budget time well
  • Overcome Procrastination
  • Effectively Prioritise tasks
  • Organise better
  • Improve Attitude towards Time
  • Set SMART goals 

At the end of the program (4 sessions) you will be able to effectively use the 24 hours available, be stress free, improve your productivity and achieve more. 


The program comprises of 4 dedicated and specialised sessions spread over 4 weeks. Each session is of 1 hour duration and delivered over Skype (In-person sessions are also delivered for local clients). The program also include a preliminary 30 min "getting to know the client" call.


This program is open to any individual struggling to manage time well and wanting to best utilise the available 24 hours in a day.

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