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Be Your Best -
Be Your Best - "Emotional Wellness" ( 4 Life Transformation Sessions)

Be Your Best - "emotional Wellness" ( 4 Life Transformation Sessions)

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Short Description

“Emotions” are an integral part of our personality. The basis of all our actions is “emotion”. Each one of us undergo different types of emotions in varying degrees during various situations and circumstances. How we cope with these situations is what determines our “Emotional Wellness” level. An “Emotionally Fit” person is in complete control of emotions and manages them construct

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Detailed Description


Emotions impact all areas of our life – our response to stressful situations, our coping abilities, our mood and behavior, our thinking, self-confidence, self-esteem, relationship with family and colleagues, our success and many more. It becomes imperative that we learn to manage our emotions effectively and deal comfortably with difficult situations and people.


By the end of the program you would

  • Feel good about yourself
  • Be able to manage self better
  • Develop better interpersonal relationships
  • Be able to communicate and express better
  • Become more aware about “emotions” and manage them well
  • Be able to handle challenging situations better
  • Be able to deal with stress, anxiety, anger, depression more effectively
  • Bring clarity and balance in life
  • Bring positivity in your approach and actions/ behaviour

 The program would deliver the following topics

  • Different types of emotions and how they  impact our body, personality, growth and development
  • Distinction between healthy and unhealthy emotions
  • Relationship between emotions , feelings and action
  • Need to manage “emotions”
  • Emotions and Interpersonal Relationships
  • Emotions and Conflict Management
  • Managing Emotions constructively 
  • Be able to breakaway from negative thought patterns 
Each session would comprise of self-inventory, reflective exercises, real-life exploration and application through various assignments.


The program/ sessions would help the client develop an “Emotionally Intelligent” personality and build a positive self-image, be able to manage emotions constructively, develop improved relationships, and live a more productive, happy and balanced life.


The program comprises of 4 dedicated and specialised sessions spread over 4 weeks. Each session is of 1 hour duration and delivered over Skype (In-person sessions are also delivered for local clients). The program also include a preliminary 30 min "getting to know the client" call.


This program is open to any individuals

  • struggling to deal with their emotions effectively at home or workplace
  • wanting to improve their EQ (Emotional Quotient) and live a more balanced life

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