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Awakening Power Within You

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“AWAKENING POWER WITHIN YOU” is a life enriching program by knowing and accepting yourself. This Program is to help all those people from all walks of life who don’t know how they are ended up where they are today and then look ahead without having any idea where they are heading. So the Essence of this program is ALL ABOUT YOU. Everybody here is capable to receive it, And It is achievabl

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AWAKENING POWER WITHIN YOU is developed by Relationship Coach Eliza with an objective to bringing POWER to each and everyone who is ready to attain a Great Life for themselves. 

It’s a myth that Power cannot come to those who are poor, who are helpless, who are physically unfit but the true meaning of Power represents your ability to get what you really want and it can be conceived by anybody and everybody. 

Here the POWER represents

Control of your life.


10 Hours online coaching spread over a period of 10 weeks time. All sessions will be conducted via Skype and per session time is 60 minutes. Each session will carry an assignment to be completed for the next session.



What is the story of your life? 
Do you tell your story when people ask?
Each one of us has a story which is unique. No one else can tell our story. Your story is all about who you are. 

Let’s understand what these stories are.
Success story
Failure story
Injustice story
Future story

But the most important of our life is the story for the MOMENT which will create our Future Success Story. So in this session let’s create our own story by knowing the  STORY OF THE MOMENT and how it will help to building power within ourself.


Your present situation might look like---
Overloaded with duties and responsibilities
Feeling tired and depressed
Everything seems to be right but missing something
Directionless and bored of life
Kids are so demanding

To explain the above situation the very first thing we have to explore our belief system. Belief is something we are grown up with and learned in our childhood and reestablish it when we experience different situations in our life.

Belief can be empowering and disempowering.
Empowering Belief are those which makes you productive. On the other hand disempowering belief block your progress makes you unproductive. Almost 80% of us have belief in those things which does not empower us. Here we will learn to challenge your belief system which is not rewarding.


Values are things we personally find very important in our life. Our values determine how do we conduct our life and what are our priorities. You can identify your own value when you have time for that particular thing that you give highest value. When you can define your values you can always create it. But there is a catch! The thing is that we have values for everything in our life but not about ourself. If you are not important to you than how come you expect anybody will give you importance?? 
LIFE STARTS AT THAT POINT WHEN YOU FIND YOURSELF HAPPY . This Program helps you to give importance to yourself first.

Your Personal Perspective:

Its a practical exercise , has to complete by every participant.


Having Gratitude
Giving and Receiving


Eliza is a certified life coach (ICF) of Greenlatte, holding a Masters Degree and conducting many programs on Women Personal Development from 2004.

Passionate about her life"s purpose as she believes that those who choose to succeed must help others to succeed as the value of life measured by the lives it touches.

Her mission will be fulfilled if she happens to touch even if only one person receiving the right message through this Program which will create a life of abundance!

In fact none of us truly win until we all win! 

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