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Achieve your goals in 12 weeks
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Achieve your goals in 12 weeks

Achieve Your Goals In 12 Weeks

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Short Description

Achieve your goals is a twelve-week email based coaching program. Each Chapter is designed to help you achieve your goals in the best possible manner.

Detailed Description

In this twelve week coaching program, you will learn the tips and tools to focus on your goals and take actions with the positive mind-set and belief. You can start working on your goals right now and create results that you want irrespective of your past experiences.

Each chapter is carefully chosen and builds upon the previous one, thus acting like a building block. The program is designed to help you move closer to your goals consistently and persistently. To get real time results, each chapter ends with an assignment for you to take back and complete it. This will allow you to apply the learning instantly in your day to day experience. The course structure is as below.  

Chapter 1        Know - What do you want and why?

Chapter 2        Awareness – Key to kick start

Chapter 3        Responsibility – Time to take it

Chapter 4        Intentions – Set them right

Chapter 5        Believe – In yourself and greater power

Chapter 6        Action – Be consistent and persistent

Chapter 7        Appreciate - Be Grateful

Chapter 8        Learn – Be a lifelong student

Chapter 9        Thoughts – From negative to positive

Chapter 10     Words – From powerless to powerful

Chapter 11     Habits – From disempowering to empowering

Chapter 12     Values – Perseverance and Resilience 

How does this email based coaching program works?

Once the registration is done successfully for the enrolment of this program, you will receive an email for the new chapter every week for twelve weeks. You can read these emails at your leisure and will be expected to complete the assignment as guided in the coaching program.

At the end of this course, you will be having an opportunity to connect with twelve-week coach Neeraj Tyagi online via skype/google hangouts to communicate for fifteen minutes.

About Neeraj Tyagi

I am an Executive Coach with Greenlatte and COO After working with corporates for 14 years, I moved on to purse my passion of working with people creating best possible life. I am a self-published author of four books, “She Said” and “An Italian Dream” being the two of them. As an Executive Coach, I work with Organizations and Individuals for their professional and personal goals. 

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This course is designed by author Neeraj Tyagi and provided at an extremely nominal rate to make coaching affordable and accessible. We believe people take tremendous interest in self-improvement and are committed to achieve their goals with little support. We are here to provide that little support in a larger way. Looking forward to see you achieving your goals. 

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