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12 Days to less stress
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12 Days to less stress

12 Days To Less Stress

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Short Description

This is a 12 days online course. Stress is inevitable. How do we deal with stress is learnable? Stress is a sign to slow down and reflect back to things that are most important and meaningful to us.

Detailed Description

I intend working with you on this course for a period of twelve days. We can agree on mutually agreed time to meet every day online for 30 Mins. My suggested course outline is as below. Happy to work with your inputs as well.

Day 1 Stop comparing yourself and your life

Day 2 Filter your stressful thoughts

Day 3 Question the importance

Day 4 Focus your energy in task at hand

Day 5 Take self-centered breaks

Day 6 Eliminate judgement

Day 7 Be grateful

Day 8 Take out time to relax

Day 9 Learn about tools to relax

Day 10 Engage in purposeful things

Day 11 Affirmations & Reflections

Day 12 Summary for less stress

By the end of twelve days, you will have knowledge, experience and tools to overcome and reduce stress into your life creating space for peace, joy and love.

About Neeraj Tyagi

I am an Executive Coach with Greenlatte and COO After working with corporates for 14 years, I moved on to purse my passion of working with people creating best possible life. I am a self-published author of four books, “She Said” and “An Italian Dream” being the two of them. As an Executive Coach, I work with Organizations and Individuals for their professional and personal goals. 

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