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Which brain is more dominant – Thinking or Emotional?

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The positivity in our attitude defines the extent of success in our lives. It helps you to win the lost battles and achieve impossible feats. You can overcome from any odd situation in life if you stay positive. As US President Harry S. Truman succinctly puts it “The pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties."


So what is optimism all about? Optimism is a belief system with three key elements in it. First, the belief in yourself to make your life and your future better; second, the belief that negative events in your life are not permanent, personal or pervasive; and third, and belief those positive events in your life are permanent, personal and insidious.


I share a hijack incident of Kandahar which moved my own belief system for good. I was supposed to go to Kathmandu for some official work but the plan changed at the last moment due to some personal exigency. I requested one of my colleagues to go instead. As the luck would have it, the return flight got hijacked which sent the shock waves across the nation. My colleague stayed put in the flight for eight days with the fellow passengers in the company of armed terrorists. He witnessed cold blooded murder of one of the unlucky passenger, spent sleepless nights on the flight without any contact with the outside world. Fortunately, the deal was brokered with the terrorists and passengers were freed.  You know what - my friend was unscathed by the incident which I could see in his eyes. One thing which worked with him – the positivity in his attitude in a worst situation! He always believed that things will just be fine which helped him to sail through the toughest battle of his life. The research also shows that a positive outlook on the life strengthens the immune system and consequently improves our ability to handle stress.


So how do we stay positive?


By feeding your thinking brain with the positive signals 

We can stay positive by feeding our brain with positive thoughts. We all have two types of brains i.e. thinking brain and emotional brain and everything we do, involves the experimental triangle of thought, emotion and actions. If we continue to send positive signals to the thinking brain that influences the emotional brain, the outcome would be positive actions. We may develop our attitude during the childhood years by the world around us which makes us pessimist or optimist in life. However the good news is that the attitude which breeds negativity can be changed by regularly feeding the thinking brain with the positive signals. It requires a regular practice and patience to overcome the negativity in thoughts but it is definitely possible. Try it out for leading a stress free, happy and healthy life.

Your take:

Always feed your thinking brain with the positive signals to tame the emotional brain which directs your actions. 


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