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Yet another lesson from a glass of water

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Drink a glass of water with a few drops of lemon the first thing in the morning. It is amazing. The story though is not about this. Read on.

Hi, my name is Vivek Slaria and I am a habits coach. This is my journey of emptying my cup. Hope you like it as much as I did.

The glass was filled to the brim, standing tall and proud on the table. Nothing more could be added. It was full.

It was a warm summer afternoon in Mumbai.  Monsoon had not started yet. The city was busy with the activities of the day. There was sweat and heat as the mercury rose with no rains.

A few drops of lemon fell in the glass, holding their identity for that fraction of a second. Dissolving, as if they always belonged. The color changed to a pale translucent. A few crystals of sugar fell in, then salt. Shimmering as they merged with water.

My life too was always busy and full to the brim. Office, home, traffic, the battles were endless. Hobbies, passions, reading, are you joking? Till I added a few drops of lemon to it. The effect was magical. It changed the course of my entire life. I now spend time doing what I love with people who I love.

Imagine adding a few drops of lemon to your life. Imagine the sugar crystals dissolving into it.

The lemonade was ready. I picked up the glass, drank and put it back on the table. Awesome. The glass, still standing tall and proud as earlier was now empty.

Behold the miracle of life, where once there was no space, there now is space. Where once there was no time, there now is time. Where once there was a full cup, there now is an empty cup. An empty cup that can now hold more.

Imagine the possibilities once we empty our current cup.

Why I do what I do

I write this because I realized there is an easier way. The way of habits built right.

We can leverage existing routines and create simple new routines. Using the science of habits and natural laws it is possible to create the life we want. The tiny actions of today, bring us closer to the person we want to be. Think health, relationships & other passions.

The decision is ours to make. The world is limitless. Shall we take the first step?

Vivek is a habits coach. Reach him at or call @ +91 98190 48886 

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