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How I re created my life, one celebration at a time

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Stop whatever you are doing right now. Get up from your chair. Yes, right now. Say “AWESOME”. Feel it within, the entire body and say “AWESOME”.

Excellent. Thank you

Hi, my name is Vivek and I am a willpower coach

As I travel from Mumbai to Pune, I don’t need to see the entire road all at once, just the next two hundred meters. In our lives, we don’t need to see all at once. Just the next five minutes. These five minutes unravel themselves to the next five. Soon our entire life is created in front of us. How will the next five minutes be? What are my thoughts right now? Are they happy, joyous, angry or ego driven?  This is what the next five minutes will be like.

Thoughts become things. What I think right now will BE the next five minutes. This creates the next five minutes and so on. Soon, I would have created my entire life without even realizing it. Amazing, isn’t it?

I wanted to learn to create thoughts that would make me what I wanted to be.

Emotion, I learnt, was the underlying factor. My thoughts are a result of the emotions I have. This is even more difficult I thought.  Would I need to control my emotions now? During the day I go through a range of emotions. At work, home, on road. Happy, aggressive, ego driven and so on. Was it even possible to manage my emotions?

This is what I did. I created tiny celebrations. Extremely small celebrations. If I see an empty e-mail box, bingo. I would do a small celebration, like say awesome to myself. After a meeting again, I would say awesome. You get the idea. There need not be any reason. Just a personal tiny celebration of my own. As I did this, I realized my entire day changed from being a drain on my energy to a series of celebrations. It was amazing.

I and my wife were extremely excited about this. We decided to take it a notch up. We created AWESOME cards. These are cut from regular chart paper, we handwrite “You are awesome. Have a great day” and share them with everyone we meet. So far, we have shared close to twelve hundred of these cards. The joy has been immense. This is now a way of life for us.

My friends ask me what keeps me so happy. Now you know the secret. Tiny celebrations.

Why I do what I do

I write this because I realized there is an easier way. The way of habits built right.

We can leverage existing routines and create simple new routines. It uses the science of habits and natural laws. These tiny actions bring us closer to the person we want to be. By increasing will power and creating a success momentum in life. Think health, relationships & other passions.

The decision is ours. The world is limitless. Shall we take the first step?

Vivek is a willpower coach. Reach him at or call @ +91 98190 48886 

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