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How I fell in love and left sweets

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I love sweets. Comes from the genes. Jalebis, Gulab Jamuns, Brownies. I can go on and on and on. Literally.

Hi, my name is Vivek Slaria and I am a life coach. What do I do, I help create routines to create the life you want to live.  

Try this. It’s not difficult. A bit awkward, maybe. Every time you look at yourself in the mirror, say this to yourself “I love you, insert your name”. Look deep into your eyes, take in all the details, spend some time looking at yourself and say “I love you, insert your name”. Make it a habit and practice it. If this is too difficult, start with “I love and approve of myself”. Do this every time you see yourself in the mirror.

Let me share my journey

My entire self revolted when a friend suggested this. Kya hai yeh (What is this?), I thought. The friend persisted. No harm in trying, at least no one is watching. The first time was really awkward. I just could not bring myself to saying it. I pushed myself a bit. Over the next three days I became a little comfortable in saying it to myself. Still felt as if I was talking to a stranger.

It was on the third day as I said this to myself that I felt a huge rush of love. I took in all the details of my face, hair, my skin, my eyes and I said “I love and approve of myself”.

I love sweets

This is my story of overcoming my sweets addiction. Mid night ice cream trips, coffee and muffins, work breaks, anxiety breaks, just breaks. I love sweets. Not that I particularly wanted to give up on sweets. No, quite the contrary. I loved them. Weight was another matter.

Weight was a weighty issue. I did want to get rid of that. Exercise, diets & walks did not work. Being a seeker, I decided to start questioning. Why was I over weight? Because I consumed more than I needed to. Why was that? I learnt that the body has a natural mechanism for telling us when we are satiated. Was that not working? I do stop after some time. So no, not right. 

Let me share a suggestion for your consideration. Could it be that I consumed more to overcome my insecurities? In a way I was holding on to my weight to feel more secure. What if I replaced sweets with any other addiction for e.g. smoking, alcohol or anger? Could this be the reason?

Within a month of saying and repeating “I love and approve of myself”, the urge for sweets and other junk disappeared naturally. Since then I have left alcohol and started eating healthy. I am more at peace with myself and everyone around me. The habit continues.

I write this because I realized that there is an easier way. The way of habits built right. This uses daily routines and natural laws to help create a life we are meant to lead.

The world is limitless. Shall we take the first step?

Vivek is a life coach. Reach him at or call at +91 98190 48886

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