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Back to Work Mom's

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Riya is a young post graduate from a Middle Class Family. The young girl started her career as a campus recruit with an MNC, after bravely facing all the rejections from her family and friends that girls do not need Higher Education. 

She was very happy with a new beginning in her career, was very successful and committed to deliver more than expectations. She continuous was given the highest appraisal rating and also earned 2 promotions in just 4 years of her career. Meanwhile after the first two years of her joining, she got married to a handsome, well-settled young boy. She carried out the same passion and commitment even after marriage. Until her maternity leave, the young lady felt a need to change her priorities in life. She decided to take a break to spend time with her little angel. 

With the confidence she gained, and the individuality she built over the period of time as a working women, she decided to take a break. She took good care of all those family priorities with a smile on her face. Meanwhile, one more member got added to her family and she felt her family was now complete.She raised them to be independent and manage themselves well. She taught them discipline, taking responsibility of their own things, taking good care of each-other.

When both her kids started their pre-school, Riya thought of getting back to work. She started exploring the opportunities around to get back, with the same spirit and enthusiasm she had before she quit. But things were different. The opportunities were not flowing that easily as before. More over, she suddenly realized that the world has moved on. Facing all odds, she waited for a month and half to crack through an opportunity.

The initial few months of her new job were with mixed emotions and distress:

  • She felt as if she gave-up on her kids. After all she had to leave them in a day-care the rest of the day!
  • Added to that, she was not making as much money as she used to before. This added to the fire, if it was a right decision?
  • She felt her personality conflicting with the urge to go home after the office hours. Whereas, earlier she never even looked at the clock and she never bothered to stay back late if work demands.
  • Though  she could deliver what is needed, she felt that she wasn't able to add value to her fullest potential.
  • Also at home, she was not able to give a worthy time to her family and kids. 

Fighting all these inner conflicts, and lost deeply in thoughts whether it a right decision for her, she got a call from her boss for a discussion.

Though she did such discussions in past, this felt new to her. Thought she would receive some harsh feedback about her performance. This was indeed new to her. Thinking of all suggestions and feedback that could pour in during the meeting, she entered the room. 

To her surprise, after the discussion, she felt so light, so relaxed, not because she her review went well. In fact it was not about her performance at all. This discussion helped her discover ways to handle her emotions and distress. What did her boss say! The discussion started with - "I Understand....

  • I understand your anxiety about leaving your baby in a daycare! The teary red face and the outstretched arms actually belong to you.
  • Do you know, more than 70 percent of the working moms experienced separation anxiety when they first returned to work.
  • And about 2/3 of working mom's suffer guilt being away from their children when at work.
  • Your baby will be fine; it might take a while for you to adjust. Once you see that your baby is happy and thriving, your own emotions will stabilize.
  • Give yourself sometime for things at work and at home to settle and take their places. It might take a little while but will surely settle down.
  • Start discovering new you, handling multi-responsibility as a "Working Mom".You already have it in you and it is just that you need to discover a "New You".
  • Once, taken charge of balancing out your career and family, it will not take long time for you to earn back the position you aspire for.

This discussion gave her the confidence to deal with herself. Practicing a few tips and accepting a few changes in the lifestyle, helped her shape her family and her professional career.

I'm sure most of the working mom's go through some similar experiences and have successfully dealt with the various odds through a successful career. Please share your experiences! After all, each one of us would need some kind of support to deal with our new beginnings in life.

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