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-  The IS Statement of Life  -


Ms. Sheila (fictitious name) was struggling in her life and business.  Her business was incessantly going to a drastic down trend.  She, around three years back, was a very enviously successful business person.  She always wanted to get the best for her and give the best of her.  She had a very posh house, a luxurious car, an excellent working environment etc. etc.  She had no situation to see the price tag to buy stuff.  She never looked at the petrol level in the car as it was always full.  She had three branches in a span of three years of starting her business.  Some of her friends were proud of her and many were envious on her covetous growth.  All was good, but somehow she lost the sand under her feet.  She started losing many things in business.  She could do all those she could.  But she had to close two of her branch offices.  It was very difficult to manage the situation with her spouse too. She was at sea and did not know what to do next.  The financial burden was so high that she eventually had to go for loans which she couldn’t even repay at right times due to alarming business performance.  The business was getting into a complete breakdown.  Moreover, by the time, her relationship with her son was not going great and she was upset about it.  Amidst the series of breakdowns, she hardly got time to recreate her relationship with her son.  However, the only one great step she has taken at this juncture was to go for Business Coaching.  When things started shaping up during the initial phases of coaching, I could see that she is getting stuck with few “is statements” in life.  In an intense session she could see that she was keep saying to herself that “Life IS a struggle”.  Just more than a statement it had the power of a belief.  She believed it but was not aware of the belief. The very same belief was ruling her life.  I call this the living formula one choose to live life from.  The way she came out of it might help many to redesign their life and business in a way that you would love to be.  Once the living formula is set, your brain just go by that to react to various life situations.


The kind of such negative statements I could observe during coaching were many such as, “Money is not important”, “He is forcing me”, “Life is boring”, “Doing a profitable business is a tough one”, “Market is not good”, “Our price is too high”, “It is taking time”, “She is like that”, “He is not good in that”, “The vendor is finicky about the price”, “It is highly impossible to get along with him/her”, “I don’t think it is going to work anymore”, It is time to take a hard decision now” so on and so forth!  Each one has its own most hidden living formula.  It is quite individualistic in nature.


Once you know what is your “is statement” it is possible to change it through simple practice.  Discovering your “is statement” itself is a realization that would alter the way you look at the life itself.  It will transform you to a new world of what is actually possible by you in a more different way.  You become more daring and confident to take risk in life and business. A professional coach can support you to find out your “is statement” that is hidden from your consciousness.  You soon get skilled in asking the right questions to come out with right actions to achieve what you really want.


We all have these kinds of “IS Statements” in all areas of our life.  Those areas of life that is fine with you when the “IS Statement” is positive or it is just empowering and encouraging.  But the kind of “IS Statement” that are negative never do good to anybody!  It not only spoils your present but also mess up your future.  The “IS Statement” is a verdict you behold with respect to that area of your life.  The more the intensity of the statement being negative, the more you have difficulty and struggle in that sphere of your life. Be it personal, professional, relationship, friendship, monetary or business related.  There is NO choice present, when the negative “IS Statement” is present.  The important point is that one is, most often, not aware of the “IS Statement”, whether positive or negative.  Positive “IS Statement” is perfectly fine as it would benefit the holder.  The negative “IS Statement” is not so.  It definitely do harm to you (and also others in your circle to a great extent!)  Get through it is a better option but, unfortunately we just go through it.  Our design is good enough to get it rather than to get over it.  When you are under the control of the “IS Statement” you live that, you become that and you are that.  You experience successful when you control it rather than you are under the control of it!


The “is statement” is your life statement.  The “is statement”, whether it is positive or negative, shapes your life and shapes your destiny.  Reframe it to redesign your life.

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