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(An excerpt from the upcoming book “NO BUSINESS FAILS!”)


When I have been coaching on sales and business development, I have come across various people, Sales Manager to CEOs.  This is a case study observed for the last three years by coaching such professionals across industries. I have witnessed various barriers that stop them to create excellence in their performance.   But, by transforming their own barriers I see that they reinvent themselves to create ‘high voltage performance’ in turning around the sales turnover to their dream number and beyond!   They start believing something totally different from the routine and have incomparable thought process which causes such miracles.  Few such thoughts and beliefs are given below;


1) I don’t want them to sell like me!

Do you want your team to sell the way you do?  This attitude of any Sales Head may not drive the team to perform.Everybody has their own ways to sell.  The art of selling is not same with everybody. This is irrespective of some basic principles on selling.


2) I don’t have an extraordinary solution to you!

Are you eager to offer your extraordinary solution to your prospective customers?  Sometimes such strong ‘belief’ would stop you to listen to their view points, experiences, real concerns, and opinions. Your eagerness to share your passion outweighs your listening.  You might miss to listen to their concerns, challenges or problems which they really wanted to share with you.  What you understood may not be the one they want you to get.  They want you to hear, may be, something else. are grappling in the dark...delay in closing a deal or no deal!


3) Never be closing!

What we know the principle is “always be closing”.  Nobody is against that.  However, a successful sales person would always be in the mode of ‘CREATING’!  It is because of two reasons; one being ‘selling’ is a new beginning and the second is by saying ‘closing’ you are ending something rather than beginning something!!  The interesting part is that you are always unaware of what you are ending and to that extent your prospective customer is not happy with you!  When you are in the mode of ‘ALWAYS BE CREATINGyour probability of getting the sale is much higher!


4) Don’t focus on selling!

To meet the sales target, never focus on the selling.  Always look at why do you want to sell.  The purpose of the product/service which you are selling and the purpose of the ‘life of the organization’ should match.  The selling is a struggle or a futile process if these two doesn’t match!


5) Sell not, to get profit!

Profit and selling are two different aspects.The purpose of selling is never to get profit; rather profit is the outcome of selling!  Profit is a planned, created and calculated activity. When you start selling for profit, your profit would actually come down...!


6) They are performing

The team will perform when you want them to perform.  Many a times the leader has the doubt that the team may not perform.The leader’s opinion about the team’s performance comes in the way of team’s performance adversely.


7) Ready for the lottery!

When you think about a logical reason to create a sale, you will fall into your own trap!   A sales person need NOT be logical and analytical, until and unless the process warrants for it.  He/she requires no particular condition to perform.  There is no preconceived notion that there is a particular way for great success.


8) You can move only those what you can see

If you want the sales revenue to move up every time, you have to see it every time.  The sales score board is critical for creating extra ordinary sales.  From my experience, with such creative and well thought customized score board, one can easily increase the sale by minimum 200% in three to six months time, sometimes in much less time too!


9) Being coachable

Successful sales people always surrender to his/her coach!  They are always ready to learn something new.  They are ready to be the change as well as welcome the change. He/she takes all those actions which they ‘figure out’ from their interactions with the coach and turn into their favour!!


Not to end...Lot to learn...


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