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Sreekumar Vadakkeppat

Career Coach

Bangalore, India

I help you I coach Entrepreneurs to cause extra-ordinary results in their business.  All Entrepreneurs though their need are very individualistic, ultimately everyone are committed to take their Business to

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About Myself


At one point of time in my life, business was not my cup of tea!  I am not born for that!  They are different people!  I was clear that it is not easy to do business; rather, it is better to work.  I did my Post Graduation in Economics, Graduation in Law and few professional PG Diplomas too.  I had even 20+ years corporate experience in various fields too as my strength to start a business.  But nothing helped me to be successful in business.   In fact, when I looked back the two decade corporate experience was better than my entrepreneurial journey!  However, after interacting with many entrepreneurs I asked myself “why people have to do business at the cost of their own family, happiness and peace of mind?”  That question enabled me to take a U-Turn again and restarted the entrepreneurial journey with a research mind.  From then onwards, in my life, the breakdowns gave the way for breakthroughs and miracles! First time I learned in my life that there was something more than the knowledge that created success in my life. Then the journey paved the way to discover and created the ‘X-Factor Coaching’ for Business Owners and CEOs.  It was first applied to various aspects of my life, both personal and professional.  I was applying the same to many of my friends and clients to turn around their life and business so as to be more effective, productive, happy and peaceful.  That is the space the X-Factor Coaching Design got evolved and I BECAME a ‘recommended’ Life Coach with a focus on CEOs and Business Owners.   Now, looking at the kind of breakthroughs ‘my people’ have, I think that I would have done this at least 10 years before!  It is my privilege that I am their Coach and they are very generous to listen to me!


X – FACTOR Coaching is a series of Leadership Coaching & Mentoring sessions (or programme), mainly confidential in nature.  It is a process to create excellence in life.  It is beyond the usual improvement and betterment.  In this process you would also be asking questions to yourself which was never asked and find answers in your own way, all to unearth the buried barriers and generate whole new perspectives to achieve what you want in life.  X - FACTOR coaching engagement would enable the organization to have ‘High Voltage Performance’ and extra-ordinary business growth with an added benefit having personal breakthroughs and fulfilment in life.


ü  Turnover increased by 100% in a very short time (two to six months period of time)

ü  Increased the productivity by 80% in three months

ü  Sales turnover doubled in 6 weeks

ü  Sales Turnover increased by 500% in four months

ü  Came out of a dodgy partnership breakdown in one week and started own Company in just two months

…. and going on …..


ü  Doubling the Business Turnover that one may think not workable

ü  Abundance in cash-flow

ü  Abundance in Sales Turnover

ü  Improve the profitability

ü  Better the productivity

ü  Creating ‘high voltage performance’

ü  Organizations standing for their vision and mission 

ü  Organizations experiencing that their customers are fully happy and satisfied

My work and process details

My Coaching is called X-Factor Result Coaching.  Anyone approach the Coach so that they can get the RESULTS that they want in their life, be it personal or professional.  Through X-Factor Result Coaching you go through the process with ease and grace and surprise to see yourself that you could produce those results that was once considered impossible!  It is weekly two hours session through one-on-one or through skype.  It start with the 'Sailability' mode and reach the 'Scalability' level within span of six months.  

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Mr. L S Raju

"I am being coached by Sreekumar for the last 10 months now for my business growth. When I started getting coached I was in a major dilemma on how to come out of a partnership business. After coaching within a span of two months I have started my own factory and started building my own brand in the beverage industry. Now I have four companies and never thought it will happen to me this way. Through coaching I got my willpower back to turn around any situation. Now I am able to create peace within me at any point of time. I never thought I can do things so differently with respect to my business. I could really come out of my own world and start living in a world of happiness, peaceful and real success. Moreover, I could also resolve my long pending family related issues completely. I realize now that ‘if I can start, I can complete it too’. I strongly recommend my coach Sreekumar to all the Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. My ROI in coaching itself is mind blowing 9000%+ I would like to stay long with him to reap more!!" L S Raju M/s. Katsu Coffee Pvt. Ltd. M/s. Yes Properties M/s. Aditya Coffee Pvt. Ltd. M/s. Rapid International

P R Kudva

"I was going through a serious breakdown in my business and personal life way back about eight months. I was realizing that, to get out of the concerns and challenges in my life I was needing some helping hand by means of some sort of coaching. That's when I approached you and seeked your coaching. I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart that, it was because of your coaching which gave me that power to spring back to my advantage. I must admit that today I am doing good business, almost two folds than what I was doing before I met you. This also has a great impact on my personal life too. I can pledge anywhere that your kind of coaching would really help almost every person to excel both in their business, carrier and even personal life too" P R Kudva M/s. Akshay Creations


I have been receiving excellent coaching from Mr. Sreekumar & his team and really appreciate his wonderful work. This is a highly intense coaching for business owners, and from the few sessions I have had, it has pulled me deep into the core of corporate business world. My view about my business, my approach towards my employees, has totally transformed. I have started focusing on results rather than just managing business as a day to day affair. After completing 3 sessions, and a 1 full day seminar and in-between telephonic conversations, the picture has got really bigger, my aims have been really high and I have the right access to deal with situations that arise at times. As a business owner, I was anxious and had certain apprehensions to take up certain tasks, and most of the time things never moved further. I realized that it is all so simple!! This is the 2nd month that I have been receiving this intense coaching, and the results are amazing. There is 200 % increase in the Business Turnover and looking forward to 500% increase by the end of this Financial Year! It feels like everything is happening all of a many years nothing moved, and now it looks so simple. I have restructured my entire business, changed the dimensions, brought competitiveness, and my employees have also started seeing this as a great opportunity, and my entire business is now a competitive sport. Thank you Mr. Sreekumar, it’s been so wonderful! X-Factor coaching is a very powerful dimension to my business. I strongly recommend my Executive Coach to everyone! Lakshminarayan M/s. Epro Manpower Consulting

Vanishree P Acharya

"It has been close to a year that I am being coached by Sreekumar. My business was into the growth phase and I needed a sound and steady person to discuss the various needs of my business and personally grow and empower myself to manage my business. I also wanted to learn the art of delegation and systemization so that my business would be able to run even in my absence. These last few months have been so tremendous that I have overcome all my concerns of setting big goals through X-Factor Result Coaching. The clarity and focus I have gained after each session has helped me achieve my very best. We have got into many large orders which are easily 10 times the earlier orders. My confidence in handling these and the ability to deliver has increased a lot more now. The best part of my experience was that, even if I give up on myself, he has never given up on me and that has helped tremendously to double my business and create a wonderful ecosystem at our workplace. I strongly recommend Sreekumar to all business owners and entrepreneurs for them to grow both personally and professionally." Vanishree P Acharya M/s. Kromaspects SciTec Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sridhar Pai

I had great experience of being coached by Sreekumar. His gentle and effective way of communication with detail oriented approach and ability to empower people to go beyond their barrier is exceptional. He had always positive impact on people around him. I highly recommend him as performance coach! Sridhar Pai ConverBiz Technologies Pvt Ltd

Jackie Hingorani

“Sreekumar is one of the best life coaches I have ever worked with. His coaching style is simple, effective and very very powerful. His strength is listening and then recommending the appropriate spaces to think from. Thanks to his coaching. I have seen significant improvements in various areas of my life.” Jackie Hingorani

Pricing Details

At twelveweek, we work to bring you the most competitive pricing. Coach pricing depends on a number of factors.

This includes duration of assignment, number of people to be coached, pre and post work needed and the impact to be created. Please call us or email us to share your requirements.

We are happy to talk and design the right coaching intervention for your organization.

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