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Goodbye Glasses

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Finally it is time to bid adieu to my glasses that have been my constant companions for the past 40 years. That’s right 40 years ago as a 13 year old who devoured books for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I was diagnosed with myopia, yes that’s right short sightedness with a prescription that started with -0.25 Diopters in both eyes and then kept increasing.
In 2014 during my last checkup it was -3.0 in my Right and -2.5 in the Left eye. Well over the years the shape of the eyeball also changed contributing to astigmatism.
I hated those glasses, not the least because I thought no prince charming would want to fall in love with a girl that wore glasses.! How times have changed, my 13 year old niece today wishes to wear glasses that give her “the geeky look” considered cool!
I am sure you are wondering about this farewell to my glasses. No, I am not getting contact lenses, and no I have not undergone Lasik surgery. Then how did I get rid of the need for glasses?
Well, well, it all started 5 months back, when I began to do eye yoga exercises, which basically involved moving your eyeballs in all directions. I did this once daily for nearly 2 months. Then I did it only occasionally.
I would refrain from using my glasses whenever possible wearing them only when I watched TV and when I drove.
I would go for long walks and would stare at distant objects – hills, birds, planes, sign boards etc.
Within a few days of my starting my exercises, I could see my brain learning to process distant objects. Of course it was still blurred and tears would stream down as my ciliary muscles relearned to adapt. Then after a few weeks, whenever I would see birds flying, I would see double images.
Street lamps would appear like sunflowers with black rim surrounded by light.
This went on and everyday, for nearly 5 months, I was witnessing, gradual improvements, I could read signs boards with big letters, then medium size letters, yet the blurring continued, and I would have to squint to read clearly. Then slowly the degree of squinting to see clearly started reducing. In the sixth month every day the blurring started reducing. I can see TV images clearly, and when I go out, I read sign boards clearly.
Amazing are our eyes that can accommodate vision from 0 to infinity. We spoil them by constant reading, or these days, staring at computer or mobile devices.
If we have to work on computers, we can help reduce eye-strain and eye disorders, by resting our eyes every 10 minutes, by blinking eyes for a few seconds and by staring at distant objects.
Thank you God for giving me a body with innate intelligence!!
Now it is time to put Kohl on my eyes and look at the world, all clear and bright! What a beautiful world it is!! Good bye glasses!!
P.S. I have shared this personal experience to encourage others to get rid of your glasses naturally. Of course if you have extremely high power it may take longer and if you have just been prescribed glasses then you can resolve it immediately without having to wear glasses.
Shobha- your wellness coach

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