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shiva kumar

Career Coach

Bangalore, India

I help you enable you to experience relaxedness in your life by claifying which of the 3 areas(life, living and livelihood) you are getting stuck at and what you need to do get unstuck. 

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About Myself

Im aspired to be a 'Digital Nomad' in my life. I live in bangalore and Im interetsed in sustainable living, farming, suing food as a medicine. I go through fruits based diets for 21 days in my life to help myself to get back to being with nature.
I envison myself living in a country side, learning from masters on healing cancer from trees barks, building home using bamboo/muds and run my coaching practice.

My work and process details

I have a framework called as Relaxedness model. it has 3 core games called as Life a.k.a health, living a.k.a relationships and livelihood a.k.a managing your strengths/wealth. Each game has 5 sub games in it. First, we will identify which one of these 3 areas you are getting stuck with and then we will identify which out of 5 sub games is causing that tiredness. this is diagnosing process.
After that, we use habits formation/tracking methods to bring you back to relaxedness. 

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Santu Mahapatra, Software Developer, Bangalore

“Shiva patiently understood my situation and helped me focus on creating habits to reach my goals. He helped me to very clear about my objectives in each of the Life, Living and Livelihood sections. I feel calm and grounded about achieving my goals.â€

Bhanu bhaskar, Head of Training, Alchemy India Training Services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

Shiva is an outstanding coach. Warm, Empathetic & Insightful. Shiva is great at asking the right questions that helps me see things differently. He challenges me constantly to go for what I deeply believe in & dream of. He also helped me radically reinven

Khaled Asmri, Business Owner at

I'm happy to have my path crossed with Shiva's. My first Life Coach, and gave me a great experience on a 1-month coaching program. He introduced me to many exciting concepts such as: co-learning, bio-learning, and asked me many uncomfortable (yet posit

Kirstin O´Donovan, Founder of TopResultsCoaching and author of The Entrepreneur's Guide to Time Management

It has been such an amazing experience working with Shiva. I hired Shiva as my mentor coach to obtain my ACC certification and he has helped me in more ways that I can describe. Our co-learning relationship has enabled me to take my coaching to the next l

Arathi Anna Cherian, Senior Creative Designer at Scotts Garments LTD.

Ive just finished 90 days of coaching under him and i have to say it has yielded some results that Im very pleased with... I felt encouraged to go deeper and deeper into clarifying what i want in life and things just manifested from that clarity for me.

Nandini, Project Manager, flaunge media production, Bangalore.

Shiva... sums up to what a COACH stands for ! and to top it all.. he's an incredibly amazing person with immense passion and love towards anything and everything he does or is a part of. The times that I've worked with you during my journey at Alchemy, ti

Sushanth N.S, Student at National Institue of Creative Communication, Bangalore

A great person to work & partner with. He does make sure that his coaching has a meaningful impact to a person's life as well as his stand & support for the people he's with is Incredible! Amazing with detailed process work & finance. Fighter at heart & w

Aishwariya Kaliappan, Equity Research Analyst, ICICI Securities, Mumbai.

Well, when I think of Shiva there are two things which come to my mind... Passion and integrity!!!! As my mentor, team coach, team lead there have been so many experiences worth sharing, that I could go on and on!!! His being is so powerful that makes eve

Jaya Veeran Kaya Rohanam, Development Engineer at Aditi Technologies, Bangalore.

What Shiva means to People First is he is a complete people oriented person. In Whatever state you are when you walked to him, I can be 100% sure that when you walk out from him, you will be loaded with lots & lots of energy. His commitment level towards

Rohit, Faiths Act Fellow at Tony Blair Faith Foundation, London.

Shiva is a fantastic coach!! As a coach he is powerful and committed to making a difference. There is a line we picked up when we were learning to be coaches together " Good coaches listen to what's not being said and work with what's not being worked on"

Ravi Kiran, COO/Trainer People First, India.

Shiva's committment to people he works with is outstanding, and his loyalty towards his work gives him strong focus. Regardless of all that he has done, his hunger to learn has never ended - a rare occurence, which gives him an edge. There's no question t

Bert Cherian, Founder, Meta Results, India.

What defines Shiva is his patient and persistent stand for people. His integrity is high and as a coach he understands ontology well. In my estimate he has probably coached hundreds of people with solid results.

Pricing Details

At twelveweek, we work to bring you the most competitive pricing. Coach pricing depends on a number of factors.

This includes duration of assignment, number of people to be coached, pre and post work needed and the impact to be created. Please call us or email us to share your requirements.

We are happy to talk and design the right coaching intervention for your organization.

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