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PREVENTION of depression-- This is what each one of us can do--

As long as we focus on "the other" we would suffer. We need to learn to go inside. We need to--

  • Identify our true selves.
  • Accept our true selves with all our cracks and crevices.
  • Connect with ourselves.
  • Work on what we really want in our life- time.
  • Identify what are our values that we base our decisions on.
  • Recognize and accept the factors and conditions that-

  1. We wish to Tolerate
  2. We can Compromise
  3. We cannot accept at all
  4. Make us truly happy
  5. Give us a feeling of integrity and self- respect.

  • Work on all these factors to build up our sense of self-worth and self- esteem.
  • Decide the rules of our life while respecting those of others.
  • Build healthy relationships where we can talk our heart out about all things that bother us, so that these do not build up to full- blown depression.

When we live in high self- esteem, there is no need left for unnecessary competition or comparison. The need to compromise also reduces when we know that we respect the others for what they are and can command respect for what we are. Fears arising out of our low self- esteem, like the fear of losing someone or the fear of losing things, automatically decrease and then we are able to deal with people and situations with assertiveness. The need to control also arises out of low self- esteem, which can very well be taken care of with good self- awareness.

When we do not have enough self-love we live in fear. We need to learn to love ourselves with all understanding (Not the conceited kind).

BIGGER RESPONSIBILITY: As parents, teachers and guides we carry a bigger responsibility to create healthy awareness about:

  • Connecting with the self
  • Building Self- esteem
  • Healthy self-love
  • Understanding and managing our emotions
  • Forgiving ourselves and others
  • Accepting and respecting others for what they are
  • Differentiating between healthy and unhealthy relationships and
  • Practicing and polishing of communication skills
  • Living in the present
  • Practicing regular meditations and exercises

We have to learn to use everyday happenings and the challenges in our life to teach the healthy way of dealing with our life to our younger generation. I am confident that if we take up this responsibility, our responses to the challenges thrown to us by life would change for the better. This would equip us to build defenses against the monsters like depression, for the rest, there are the counselors, therapists and the psychiatrists.

Word of Caution: Excessive misuse of the word "Depression" is leading to unnecessary burden on normal people including young children. We need increase our awareness. Life is good and challenges, are a normal part of life. Let us leave the labeling of illnesses to the specialists. On our part, let us enjoy ourselves as normal people with mood swings, sad times, heart- breaks, frustrations and anger. After all, our emotions make us humans the most interesting of all living beings.

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