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Life’s meandering river flows.  And it ever flows.  And what we look for in life is permanence.  We want stability at work, in relationships, in happiness, in wealth etc etc etc.  We want to ‘settle down’.  Can we question what ‘settle down’ really means?   

Whereas, we are well aware that the only thing permanent about life is change itself. Yet, we seek permanence!  What if we could live in the moment and make the most of the present – the gift that is at hand rather than fret over the past and worry about the future.  What else is possible to break the paradigm and move to a different reality that works better? All ancient masters of the east have harped on it since time immemorial.   Eckhart Tolle of this age has spoken extensively of the ‘Power of Now’. 

At the root of managing change lies the acceptance and allowance that nothing is permanent.  That life is an ever flowing river.  That any attempt to control the flow of life, results is hampering the pace of evolution.  Not only does resistance to change slow us down, it also disrupts our peace, harmony and emotional balance.   As Bruce Lee said, “be water”.  Water takes the shape of whatever it flows into or flows through, it has no permanent shape.  It takes on the shape of its container.  With this basic philosophy Bruce Lee became the master of his art at his time. 

We find change difficult due to various reasons.  Years and years of conditioning and behavior patterns get embedded and embossed in our psyche that is deep rooted and ancient.  Changes that are made only at the conscious level are cosmetic and always at the brink of reversal to old, conditioned patterns of behavior.  Therefore, change needs to be programmed, re-wired at the inner most, core level of the brain; thinking, feeling, being and knowing; at a subconscious level of mind.  Life has also provided us tools to deal with change, adapt, embrace and enjoy being in the flow of change, the tide and ebb of life. Ride the crest of waves, flow with the ebb and come out as seasoned, successful sailor!

Steven Covey too, suggests inside-out change.  Let us train our minds to accept that we live in a dynamic world.  Where chi or life energy is constantly flowing like water.  The flow is nature’s way of unfolding reality, of expressing life in this three dimensional world. The reality is expressed in our lives, the reality of this world, the reality in which we live and carry on our duties and activities; the real world which is ever changing, impermanent and full of surprises.  Can life be compared to running water, ever flowing, ever changing, ever refreshing?  Again to borrow from Bruce Lee, running water never becomes stale because it keeps flowing.  What would it take for us to be excited and embrace change?

It follows that not only must we train our own minds but we must also prepare our children to face an even faster paced world where changes would happen in nano seconds. 

“You meet life squarely, accepting its opposites with equanimity while carrying on your duties in a spirit of selfless love and service, you will not only come in tune with the Infinite but you yourself will become the Infinite which you seek.” ( Meher Irani)


Sangeeta Janardhan is an internationally certified life coach and a spiritual coach, a facilitator, behavioural trainer & writer.  Her perspective to any given situation is fresh and daring.  It challenges fixed beliefs, dogmas, and hidden fears.  Her approach is wholistic. Her methodology includes various techniques involving the intellect, body and spirit.  She believes that transformation and evolution is possible only when all aspects of the being are nurtured and all needs fulfilled.  Book a session with her @

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