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Being in Integrity is the third elementary in awakening to your own light.

One needs to awaken to the following realization:

That all of whom I am; is in integrity: Body, mind and infinite being/spirit.

To know that integrity has another definition.  What we think, feel and do must be in alignment.  It is way beyond honesty.  It is not about merely speaking the truth, not stealing, not being dishonest.  It is about aligning our thoughts, feelings, words and actions as one flow.  One single synergised integral flow.

To know, be aware, acknowledge and act such that not only do we have a fit body, mind and spirit. They are also aligned and they are in integrity.  That what we intend the mind thinks and the lips speak, what the feelings indicate the mind does, acts and the heart condones.  There is no room for vagueness, dishonesty or non transparency in ones thoughts, words and actions.  They are all synchronized as one as a unit that does not pull in different directions.  Now, that would cause guilt, shame, and dishonour, feelings of envy, revenge and reasons to lie and cheat.   All these feelings  pull us away towards disintegration and dissipation.   

Whereas when we operate from integrity of purpose there is harmony, peace, joy, bliss as all the parts of our being function in tandem and unison.  There is progress, synergy and symphony.  There is harmony and there is heavenly music on earth. 

Pledge: “There is alignment in all that I think, say, do, act and intend.  I am aligned to my highest Self and my purpose in life.” 


Sangeeta Janardhan is an internationally certified life coach and a spiritual coach, a facilitator, behavioural trainer & writer.  Her perspective to any given situation is fresh and daring.  It challenges fixed beliefs, dogmas, and hidden fears.  Her approach is wholistic. Her methodology includes various techniques involving the intellect, body and spirit.  She believes that transformation and evolution is possible to the next level only when all aspects of the being are nurtured and all needs fulfilled.  Book a session with her @

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