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Elementary of Awakening to Your Own Light

by Sangeeta Janardhan Share via -

Utopia is not fiction.  The new earth is not fiction.  New age is not fiction.  New awakening is not fiction.  Heaven on earth is not fiction.  It is not impossible.  Effort toward that is not futile. 

Where do you begin?  With yourself! When do you begin? Right now! Why do you begin?  There is no other way. 

One has to take responsibility for oneself.  Be aware of his own actions and how they may affect life, rather than find someone or something to blame.  First step in the 1000 miles journey is to stand up and take responsibility for everything that happens to oneself.  That there is nobody to blame out there, no person, or ghost or evil.

So let us begin.  With the following pledge:

“I and only I am responsible for my life and what happens to me.  (Not my father, mother, teacher, weather, horoscope, astrology, god or devil.)  I am unlimited spirit and I take full charge of my life."  

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