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Do you feel stuck at your current position?  Have you held this designation for longer than you like?  Do you feel the need to manage your emotions better? Do you find that your dream job has been quite elusive despite sincere efforts? Are you frustrated that you work hard and do not get recognized?  Or do you simply want to earn a lot more money?

Then again, you may feel the need to spend quality time with loved ones, but find yourself not able to, you may have a work–life imbalance, or you may have health issues and a need to develop a discipline in exercise, diet and work. That’s when you feel like reaching out for help.  Some turn to a life coach.

What Coach?:-  We hear of a football coach, a hockey coach, and in grand cricket there is the bowling coach, the batting coach, the fielding coach, the fitness coach; then there is the diet coach, body building coach, so on and so forth.  So, what is this life coach? Does he teach you how to live?  Have we not lived our lives without life coaches?  Do we not know how to live? So what is life coaching about?

A life coach is not a teacher.  He is not a counselor.  He is not an adviser.  He is not a mentor.  He is neither a therapist nor a consultant.  Then what is he? Yet he is an expert.   A life coach facilitates the process of change and decision making like a facilitator. 

More Questions: - Have you felt that you have tried everything in your powers but are not quite close to achieving your dreams? Have you seen there is someone who doesn’t seem that serious about life but he is moving forward seemingly without much effort? You have tried but your relationships seem to work contrary to your intentions? Sigh!

Life on Fast Track: - Moving targets, dynamic market trends, demanding customers, pressurizing boss, diverse team challenges, you’re torn between family and work commitments, social expectations; a pretty complex picture indeed.  Yet, you do manage to survive.   Somehow, you pull through.  Life goes on.  And it must.

So, would you want to manage and survive or would you want to thrive and flourish?

Life Coach: - A life coach is a medium of support you would need when you are at a cross road.  He is a sounding board that soaks in your wants, needs and challenges by providing you a platform to express yourself freely, without the fear of being judged or rejected.  Yes, you can talk to him freely.  Express your innermost dreams, fears, goals or reservations.  The job of the coach is not to judge you.  He helps you realize your personal goals and dreams with the help of sound tools and techniques. If you have fears, he will not dig into your past to look for solutions.  He is only interested in moving you forward.  Learn from the past and move your feet on an onward journey. 

What a Life Coach Does for You: - His job is to help you realize your dreams and goals.  Hold your hand, with warmth, friendship, and courage in a journey of self-discovery.  It is like wandering into a new city, only you will be doing so with the service of a professional partner.  Not because he knows the city.  He too is not familiar with the pot-holes, bumpers or traffic snarls of your inner city.  But he believes that you have the innate capacity to find your own way through the winding roads and dark alleys.  He believes you are your own master, that you are whole and complete and that you have all the answers hidden in your inner wisdom.  You only need a supportive hand and committed actions to help see the light inside of you.  All you would need is a friend to support you, who is keenly interested in seeing you improve your life and move to your next milestone.  That’s what a good life coach would do.  Both you and your coach need to be committed to your growth and be willing to put in the extra energy into the process of change.

Life Coach for the Long Haul: - He would eventually understand your threshold and prod you, expand you to dream your grandest dream, and move you closer and closer to it with confidence, faith and courage. A life coach can make a valuable and meaningful contribution to improve your life and help you live it to its fullest potential.  A life coach will hold up a mirror so you can see your own reflection.  He helps you clean the mirror so that you can see clearly.  He empowers you to take decisions and make choices in life from a space of awareness rather than from compulsion or coercion.  He sets you on the road to success by developing unique strategies for personal achievement.  

Only you can decide whether you need the services of a life coach or not!


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