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Body Mind Spirit/Infinite Being

by Sangeeta Janardhan Share via -

To acknowledge that we are infinite beings not limited to this body.  A knowledge and awareness that we are body, mind, spirit or body mind and infinite being; this is the second elementary of awakening to one’s own light. 

We need to be able:

v  To live life in such a way that we do not limit ourselves to what is physical alone.  To become aware that there is the non physical or invisible that makes up for our lives, our world our universe.

v  Just like we feed, clothe, beautify our body we also need to pay attention to our spirit/soul/infinite being.  To be able to differentiate between human and being in human being. 

v  To be able to recognize the body as a temple for the soul to undertake or experience its journey and what infinite being has chosen. 

v  To pay attention to bodily needs and nurture it according to the needs of the body and our own progress rather than what is taught to us by others. 

v  To be able to be-friend our mind and to one day be able to go beyond mental conditioning and automatic thoughts to a state of choice and freedom of spirit/being.

v  To be able to understand and choose our feelings and thoughts at each given moment.

v  To be able to connect with our inner most reality of spirit/being/soul; as often as possible in the beginning till such that it becomes the only medium of existence. 

Let us now pledge: “I am an infinite being that has a body and mind to experience all the infinite possibilities that I could be.”

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