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Foresight as Hindsight

by Sanjiv Sadana Share via -

It had been a great life. To hear everyone talk about the educational institutions I had set up, the who’s who of the country all gathered ,talking of the institutions and some of them of their days there
In the front row was Ram. Dressed immaculately, standing rod ram straight and oblivious to the entire proceedings. He had spent 12 grades of his life at the school and probably 2 years of holiday time in between at home. At 6 ,he did not understand why he had been sent away to school, in 12th grade he still did not understand why he had been sent away to school at 6 and now at 26 he still did not. Neither did anybody explain. However, his skills and competitive drive had made him the rich businessman that he was.
Next to Ram stood Ashok. Academically brilliant, he always left everybody behind in class.”The Natural” everybody called him in class. Any test and everyone always asked who got the next best score. The top slot and Ashok had an agreement. Text books were a piece of cake so spending time with them was easy. What was the necessity to talk, he often wondered when it was so much of an effort. He had tears in his eyes looking at my lifeless remains. Maybe because of the sense of security my body reminded him of-the classrooms and the books.
On the other side stood Dilip, once an international athlete. He had made the country proud with his exploits on the Tennis Courts of the world. His single minded dedication to the sport was much admired then. He looked at my dead body and said a prayer of thanks for what he had been able to achieve on the Tennis Courts.
As my body was being lit, I saw a police officer round up the three of them to take them back to the penitentiary. They were there serving sentences ranging from 3-8 years-Ram for road rage, Ashok for rape and Dilip for tax fraud.
Maybe , If I had lived longer than my 52 years when this heart attack happened, I could have set things right for them.
It was possible. They were the stars of their class.
Yes,I had taught them well.
Had I educated them???

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