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The Power Series- Insight 7

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Ask yourself some concrete questions and know where you stand :

1) Do you suppress yourself when you have the opportunity to speak with complete conviction about what you believe in... free from your fears or are you always worried about what others will think of you? ...
2) What do your ''eyes'' speak of your personality? Can you powerfully look into anybody's eyes, most part of a conversation? How's your eye contact when it comes to an audience....? Do you evade looking into another's eyes ? Your eyes speak of the ''positive or negative energy'' that you carry. Your eyes can fool many people but not all 
3) Do you lie because you don't know how to say a ''No'' ? Do you escape from situations or are you politically correct trying to please people...? Can you say a ''firm No'' unapologetically when a situation arises?
4) Yes as a human being you can go wrong you have the courage and grace to accept your wrong doing or do you try to it cover up?
5) Can you really forgive others who wronged you? Or at least are you trying?
6) ''Power Dressing'' is not about dressing to look the best in the eyes of others but it is about respecting your own self and dressing confidently and most importantly its part of good self-care! How do you dress? Do you just go blindly with modern trends even if the dress doesn't suit your complexion, your body type or even if you're uncomfortable in it? Or do you have aesthetic sense when it comes to your dressing or have you or are you developing it? Dress in a way that you ''feel comfortable in your skin''!
7) What does your posture speak? Do you droop your shoulders and walk or can you walk in an erect manner like a soldier or a victor even in your worst times?
8) Many birds fly in flocks but ''Eagles'' know how to fly alone and they also know how to ''fly with other Eagles'' maintaining a respectable distance from one another. Do you always need to cling to or belong to a group, get approval of a group...tor do what the entire world does? Or are you fully aware of what you want, how do you want to achieve you carry the power to lead life on your ''own terms and principles''? ''Eagle Leadership'' is about ''Power'' it's not for the ones who want to stay feeble and helpless!

May your journey ahead be ''powerful''!

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