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The Life Purpose Series-Insight 8

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There was a reference made to the terms ''healthy solitude'' in the previous Insight. So when we practice this ''healthy silence and solitude'' we experience a ''decluttering process''. It starts from even the material things that we have piled up in our homes and workplaces, moves on to our thoughts, words and deeds, past glories and baggage and more....

What is this called- ÇLUTTER? We can't think and act with clarity when we are surrounded by ''physical clutter''....So do you have a lot of old and unused material possessions ? If they are intact do give it away ...some old clothes to an orphanage/ old age home/ hospital for the poor? If there are broken and unrepaired things like old refrigerators, grinders , study tables etc....discard them...don't let them carry dust in your storeroom....Even in your most beautiful homes....this clutter in some part of the house or compound is nothing but ''accumulation of unwanted energy''....What are those old papers and obsolete files doing in your cabin and drawers in your office ? Clean it up....clear up the space !

This blocks you at the ''subconscious and energy level'' from focusing on all ''that you want and are ready to be bestowed with''....You can call it the Feng Shui cleansing process or whatever you wish to call it in pragmatic terms...JUST DECLUTTER...DISCARD ALL THAT ''YOU DON'T WANT''....AND SMOOTHEN THE WAY FOR ''ALL THAT YOU WANT'' !

What about ''decluttering'' your mind and your ''body''? Well, body needs to be detoxified....look at the food that you are consuming...Is there a lot of unwanted and unhealthy food? Yes or No ?! So if you're answer is yes, do you feel ready to feel younger, rejuvenated and glowing? Yes ! So do something about it...cut down your unwanted junk food....slowly you will reach a point, where your body will crave and accept only ''refreshing and healthy food''. START NOW !

Cleaning of the mind is a daily process ! MIND IS A MONKEY...YOU'VE GOT TO KEEP THIS MONKEY BUSY WITH SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE ELSE , IT WILL MESS UP YOUR HOME (YOUR MIND...) You need to start looking for activities that you love being involved in, to keep this mind ''clean, calm and detoxified'' apart from your work and other responsibilities ....That will automatically enable you to ''clean up the past baggage and deviate your focus from the unwanted to all that you want''....!

Why do we appreciate ''the sunrise''? Because we have known what ''darkness'' can be like the previous night? We as humans naturally have learnt to enjoy the ''sunsets'' as part of nature's beauty ! Haven't we?....SIMILARLY WHY DON'T WE LEARN TO REGARD ''THE SUNSETS IN OUR LIVES'' THAT GAVE US THE EXPERIENCE OF ''DARK MOMENTS'' INSTEAD OF WORRYING OVER THEM( could be death in the family, divorce, troublesome children, business and professional challenges, illness, some unhealthy habits and detrimental choices and decisions made personally and professionally ...the list can go on)....HAVEN'T WE DEVELOPED ''DIVINE RESILENCE'' AS A RESULT OF THESE ''SUNSETS & DARK MOMENTS'' IN OUR LIVES? HAVEN'T WE LEARNT ''WHAT ARE THE CHOICES, HABITS AND EXPERIENCES'' WE NO MORE WANT TO CLING TO ?

IF YOUR ANSWERS TO THE ABOVE QUESTONS ARE A ''BIG YES'' ! ALRIGHTEE ! SO YOU ARE NOW COMPLETELY READY TO WELCOME THE ''SUNRISE MOMENTS''...TO FOCUS ON A ''DAILY BASIS''....ON ''ALL THAT YOU WANT ''....! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE DISTRACTED BY ''SUNSETS''....LET THEM BE....IF THEY COME AGAIN....OBSERVE THEM...LEARN, GROW AND KEEP FOCUSING ON THE ''SUNRISE'' AHEAD OF THIS ''SUNSET MOMENT '' IN YOUR LIFE....When you positively focus on ''all that you want to transform in your life''- healthy habits, prudent choices done with a lot of clarity with respect to your material, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual pursuits in different areas of your life are truly ready and on your way to ''LIVING YOUR TRUEST AND HIGHEST PURPOSE'' !

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